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A collection of unique instruments housed in a beautiful 12th century church

All of the instruments are kept in good working order and are played at our concerts

This web site along with the venue and instruments is currently very much Work in Progress.

As work progresses details will be added to the relevant section, please come back on a regular basis to see how we are doing.

Last Update 7th Nov. Thunderer

This web site is not just about the EOM, it is being designed as a resource in its own right, see the Directories section, information is being collated from web sites all over the world into a single point of resource. This is a massive undertaking and as information is being added to the web daily will never be completed, but we will do our best to ensure the best and most interesting items are found and added.

As well as the museum and this web site we have our own You Tube channel, performances recorded at the EOM will be posted here plus videos and recordings from collections that have not been published elsewhere.

You can view our YouTube channel here


The Essex Organ Museum is housed in All Saints Church in Sutton, just outside Rochford.

All Saints Church
Sutton Road,

The church dates back to Norman times and has some unique features. Please check the Venue page for more details.