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David Clegg

Military Band Organ

David Cleggs Full Military Band Organ from the Winter Gardens, Blackpool


1. Church Organ.
'Effect of voices' (metal pipes); phonon diapasons and tibia plena, both on 10 inch; contra flutes and open diapason basses on 4inch; celestial trumpets on 15inch.

2.Expressive Concert Organ.
Swell reeds with metaphone; forte expressif; harpe eolienne; cromome; contra bassoon; clarion voix celeste; percussion cor anglais; bourdon; French celeste; English church chimes; French carillon; American sanctus gongs.

3. Full Orchestra.
1st. and 2nd. violins, violas and 'cellos, double basses; doppel flutes; clarinets (special French); bassoons (continental special); musettes or French oboes; octave of special drums (played from special keyboard); cymbals (played from special keyboard); solo trumpets.

4. Military Band.
Quintaton; saxophones; bass Cor Anglais; concert piccolo; tube bassoon; Cleggiphone basses (specially heavy wind); special gong drum (played from special keyboard); Chinese gong (large size, also played from special keyboard).

5. Brass Band.
Euphonium (special heavy wind); cornets; trombones, and tuba (all heavy wind).
Extract:- Organ
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