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Directory of Hammond organists M to P

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Jimmy McGregor
pseudonym of Gerhard Gregor
Denny McLain
Ed Sullivan Show of October 13, 1968

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Denny McLain organist
Denny McLain
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Dennis Dale 'Denny' McLain was born March 29th 1944 in Markham, Illinois and attended Mt. Carmel High School in Chicago.
His career as a baseball pitcher is well documented, along with his dabbling in drugs and other occupations that led to him spending time in prison. That he was also a talented organist is less well known.
To be America's No. 1 professional athlete is an honour that comes to few. To be a professional organist is also reserved for a handful. To be both America's No. 1 professional athlete and a professional organist happens but once a century.
At 24, Denny released his first record album 'Denny McLain at the Organ.' He also became the first major league pitcher to win 30 games since 1934.
Denny often said that 'writers never pay much attention to my musical ability because they just think I bat out a few tunes when the urge hits. But it goes much deeper than that and if the money situation was equal, I'd have a difficult time choosing between baseball and music.'
Denny McLain Started Playing At Eight 'You might even say music is my first love,' Denny noted. His father was a professional organist in the Chicago clubs; nothing really big but he was tops in Denny McLain's eyes.
When Denny married
Sharyn Boudreau,
Denny & Sharyn McLain
daughter of the famous baseball player and manager, the first piece of furniture in their home was a Hammond A-100.
Denny played Organ on National Television While in New York, he also appeared on a 20 minute segment of the NBC-TV network TODAY show playing the Hammond X-77.

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Stef Meeder b. 12th April 1935
'My Sweet Gipsy Rose' medley
Across The Ally From The Alamo
September In The Rain

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Stef Meeder
Stef Meeder
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Hammon Club Holland
Stef Meeder was born in Schiedam on April 12th 1935.
His father was a house painter and pianist. At the age of four Steff started to take an interest in playing the piano, his father gave him lessons.
At the age of fourteen Stef Meeder had his first band: the KAJ band. KAJ stands for Catholic Workers Youth. KAJ The band played a lot in the location where the KAJ was established. The chaplain who accompanied Kajotters thought Stef could play the organ. He was right and Stef spent six years as church organist.
Stef and his band continued to perform until he was called up for military service at the age of twenty. He formed a dance orchestra: the Wittenberg Band, named after the place where Stef was stationed.
On completion of his military service Stef Meeder went to work as a salesman / demonstrator at Johan de Heer. There he saw Hammond organs and other brands, Stef had to demonstrate these instruments when trying to sell them. His interest in the Hammond sound grew quickly. Soon he was demonstrating at fairs and exhibitions inside and outside. Stef found the place where you could demonstrate with the most success was in the cinema.
At the age of 29 Stef decided to be his own boss. He started his first business in Schiedam, his birthplace. He realized that he could sell organs he also gave a guarantee in that people could actually learn to play them. Stef developed an organ course on cassette. This was soon expanded with courses for guitar, keyboard, percussion, piano, flute and bass. In 1982 Phonogram awarded Stef a gold tape for selling more than 250,000 copies of these courses.
Stef received an invitation from the Holland America line to become one of its cruise line entertainers. It was a great success, he spent ten years cruising the world.
Stef also produced the Super Song Series. He identified a market for sheet music with songs from the current charts written for the organ. Stef sold this business in 1998, but the Super Song Series is still published under the name Stef Meeder.
Extract and translation from an article on Stef Meeder by Hammond Organ Club Holland
Jean Musy 18th Dec 1947 -
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Plays Ray Charles
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Jean Musy
Jean Musy
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Jean Musy was born December 18th 1947, Levallois-Perret, Île-de-France, France.
Jean Musy comes from a modest family, his father was a printer. He and his family lived in an HLM building in Levallois-Perret.
As a teenager, he discovered the Hammond organ and jazz. From the age of 14, he joined groups of musicians with whom he gave his first concerts in Paris in jazz clubs. At 16, he meets Mickey Baker, American guitarist, studio musician and arranger for Johnny Hallyday, which leads him to become the accompanist of Nino Ferrer. For one year he toured with him and recorded the album "I Would Be Black" in a studio in Dijon.
Thanks to Mickey's relationship, Jean Musy is introduced to Joe Dassin. In 1968, Johnny Arthey, the English arranger of Joe Dassin, fell ill. Joe Dassin then asks Jean Musy to write the arrangement of a song that he must record 48 hours later: Les Champs Élysées.
Jean Musy is the husband of the singer Claire d'Asta.
In 2016, he received the Grand Prix SACEM of the music for the image for the whole of his work.

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Korla Pandit 16th Sep 1921- 2nd Oct 1998
Song of India
Chiu chiu
La Cumparsita
Pelone Telefone
The Godfather of Exotica

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Korla Pandit
Korla Pandit
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Korla Pandit was born John Roland Redd in 1921 in St. Louis, Missouri, to an African-American family. Pandit's father was Ernest Redd, an African-American man and a Baptist pastor, and his mother was Doshia O'Nina Redd, of French and African blood. Pandit had two brothers and four sisters, all light-skinned like him. He attended a segregated school and learned to play piano. A contemporary of his, jazz pianist "Sir" Charles Thompson, knew him during that time; he said that John Roland Redd was the better piano player.
During the mid-1940s, as Juan Rolando, he played the organ on the Los Angeles radio station KMPC, and he performed in various supper clubs and lounges. He was also heard on the Rudy Vallée Show and Jubilee, the program of black jazz and swing bands transcribed by the Special Services of the War Department for airing to WWII servicemen overseas.
In 1944, he married Disney artist Beryl June DeBeeson, and the two reinvented his image, eventually replacing "Juan Rolando" with "Korla Pandit" and fabricating a romantic history for him as a baby born in New Delhi, India to a Brahmin priest and a French opera singer, who travelled from India via England, finally arriving in the United States

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Johnny Patrick
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Johnny Patrick Discogs page
Johnny Patrick was born in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. He is known for his work on Bullseye , All Star Comedy Carnival, The Golden Shot and New Faces.
A renowned Jazz keyboardist, band leader, musical director, and composer. He was Head of Music for Central Television from 1983-1994.
Andre Penazzi
You Tube link iconVoce
You Tube link iconmulata assanhada
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You Tube link iconso vou de mulher
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Andre Penazzi organist
Andre Penazzi
Andre Penazzi Discogs page
Andre Penazzi Filho is a native of Rio Claro Brazil. When he was barely out of his teens he settled in Sao Paulo, where he did the rounds of the night clubs as a pianist. After being heard in numerous nightspots he became staff pianist with Radio Banderantes. This was followed by a move to Radio Tupi. After a few years he returned to playing the nightclub circuit.
In 1948 he opened the Oasis Night Club. Two years later he returned to the roof of A Gazete and began his career as an organist.

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