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Ken Akiyama
Transformation -(Beauty and the Beast)
Pirates of the Caribbean - River Dance
You Raise Me Up
Theme from Kill Bill
Spirited Away
A Whole New World
Ken Akiyama Ken Akiyama
Ken Akiyama has played Electone, electric organ, since he was 5 years old.
He studied at the Green Hope High School in Cary.
Before he traveling to USA with his family, he won the Grand Prix at 2009 East Japan Yamaha Electone Festival.
Jerry Allen 1925 - 17th Jul 1985
Airmail Special
You Tube link iconPlaying the Lowrey Holiday Organ in 1968
You Tube link iconperforming on a range of Lowrey Organs that were current at the time
You Tube link iconMy Blue Heaven
You Tube link iconFuzz Duck
You Tube link iconThe Hedgehopper
You Tube link iconLowrey Lincolnwood Demo Track - Jerry Allen 1969
Jerry Allen organist Jerry Allen organist
Logo, Newspaper article Article on the Jerry Allen trio
Logo, Newspaper article Information on Jerry Allen and the Lunch Box program and his bands

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Jerry Allen Discogs page
Jerry Allen Trio Discogs page

Ian Wolstenholme interview
Jerry Allen was born in 1925 in Thanet on the East Kent coast. The son of a church organist he spent his formative years in Margate. Unfortunately he suffered from polio as a child, and was overcoming this disability when at the age of fifteen, in 1940, he obtained his first job playing the organ at his local Regal cinema. The cinema became the victim of an air raid, but not before the youngster had been discovered by the comedian
Tommy Trinder,
Thomas Edward Trinder CBE
24th Mar 1909 – 10th Jul 1989
English stage, screen and radio comedian of the pre and post-war years.
who took him on tour.
Playing various dates around the country provided the young Jerry Allen with invaluable experience. His first big break came early in 1943 when he appeared at London's Prince of Wales theatre in the
Sid Field
Sidney Arthur Field
1st Apr 1904 – 3rd Feb 1950
English comedy entertainer who was popular in the 1940s
revue 'Strike a New Note'. In this same year he made his first recordings with his newly-formed trio , in the Decca 'Music While You Work' series.
The trio took to travelling the country in an old ambulance, and maintained a busy schedule playing many variety dates. Radio dates and hotel booking further enhanced their popularity.
August 5th 1948 Jerry and his Rumba Band, with Jerry playing a Hammond organ, begin a residency on the South Parade Pier, Portsmouth
In September 1954, Jerry Allen and
His Trio
(now numbering four members in all), returned to the Decca studios and cut A Sky Blue Shirt And A Rainbow Tie and Small Talk.
In addition to Jerry Allen on the Hammond organ, the trio comprised Alan Grahame on vibes, Ken Ingarfield on bass and percussionist Lionel Rubin.
The group's big break came in 1956 when Lew Grade booked them to provide the musical backing on Associated Television's 'Lunch Box', the popular Monday-to-Friday midday show hosted by Noele Gordon. 'Lunch Box' enjoyed an eight year run, and the trio were involved with several other television series, becoming one of the countries most televised groups.
In 1962 Jerry formed his own big band which included many of the top Midlands musicians. Pianist John Patrick eventually took over the band's leadership whilst Jerry became more involved with session work and arranging. Additionally, he spent the rest of his working life travelling the country and giving promotional concerts for the Lowrey Organ Company.
Illness struck in the early Eighties, leading to a spell in London's Royal Free Hospital. Jerry rallied, but unfortunately died on 17 July 1985, a few weeks shy of his 60th birthday.
Extract:- Various
Margaret Allen
Margaret Allen organistMargaret Allen organist

The Stage
01 April 1976
Image © The Stage Media Company Limited
Margaret Allen played piano, organ and sang in the midlands area during the 1970s.

The Stage
01 April 1976
Image © The Stage Media Company Limited
Yoshihiro Andoh b. 30th Nov 1974
Yoshihiro Andoh Facebook Page
Fly High
Part 1_Intro the light
Part 2_Sincerely
Part 3
Part 4 & 5
Part 6_Another Century
Part 7_September
Organist Yoshihiro Andoh
Logo, Web site link Yoshiro Andoh web site
Yoshihiro Andoh was born on November 30th 1974 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
Yoshihiro is a graduate of the Kunitachi College of Music.
In 1996 he won first place in the 'International Electone Competition'. In 1999 he was responsible for the production and performance of the 47th National Private School Education Research Association opening song. In 2001 he released his first album.
Yoshihiro Andoh works on a number of TV shows.
Extract and translation from the Yoshihiro Andoh web site
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T.W. Ardy 28th Dec 1926 - 16th Jan 1977
You Tube link iconThe Look of Love
You Tube link iconTico Tico
You Tube link iconAmerica
You Tube link iconAlways
You Tube link iconRamona
You Tube link iconRowbottom Square
You Tube link iconSchiwago Melodie
You Tube link iconMackie Messer
You Tube link iconGanz Paris traumt von der Liebe
You Tube link iconDu bist nicht allein
You Tube link iconWunderbar,wunderbar
Organist Werner Twardy
T.W Ardy Discogs page
T.W. Ardy was an alias for Werner Twardy.
Brian Auger b. 18th Jul 1939
Kikorian Auger on Hammond B3 plays solo in the song Kiko

Brain Damage Brian Auger & The Oblivion Express

Happiness is just around the bend The Brian Auger's Oblivion express live at 'Baked Potato', Hollywood 2004

You Tube link iconInner City Blues
You Tube link iconWhenever You're Ready
You Tube link iconSecond Wind
You Tube link iconFreedom Jazz Dance
You Tube link iconStraight Ahead
You Tube link iconBrian Auger & Billy Cobham
Electric Man
KILLER fusion
Organist Brian Auger
Brian Albert Gordon Auger was born 18th July 1939 in Hammersmith London.
A jazz pianist, bandleader, session musician and Hammond B3 player, Auger has played or toured with many of the top artists. In 1965 Auger formed the group The Steampacket, along with Long John Baldry, Julie Driscoll, Vic Briggs and Rod Stewart. Due to contractual problems there were no official recordings made by the band; nevertheless, nine tracks were laid down for promotional use in late 1965 and enclosed on a cd by Repertoire as well as 12 live tracks from "Live at the Birmingham Town Hall, February 2, 1964. In 1965, Auger played on For Your Love by The Yardbirds.
With Driscoll and the band, Trinity, he went on to record several hit singles, notably a cover version of David Ackles' "Road to Cairo" and Bob Dylan's "This Wheel's on Fire. In 1969 Auger, Driscoll and Trinity appeared performing in the United States on the nationally telecast NBC television network special 33? Revolutions Per Monkee.
In 1970 he formed Brian Auger's Oblivion Express, shortly after abandoning the abortive "Wassenaar Arrangement" jazz-fusion commune in a small suburb of The Hague. Oblivion Express served to cultivate several musicians.
In 1989, Auger was musical director for the thirteen-part film retrospective series Villa Fantastica, made for German TV.
In 2012, Auger released one of the few solo albums of his career, Language of the Heart.
Extract:- Wikipedia page
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Dennis Awe
Dennis Awe Facebook page
Dennis Awe Twitter page
Dennis Awe LinkedIn page
Dennis Awe YouTube channel
showing off the Lowery Liberty
at Evola Music Store
Oral History
Velvet Touch (Full Album)
Organist Dennis Awe
Logo, Web site link Web site
Dennis Awe served as a concert church organist at St. Paul's Methodist Church in New York for over 12 years. At just 16 years, Dennis started his Broadway career by becoming the musical director for America's premier road show producers; The Parris Touring Company. He conducted 'The King and I', 'Carousel', 'Paint your Wagon', 'The Sound of Music', 'Gypsy', 'Bye, Bye,Birdie', and 'The Music Man',
During the 50s and 60s, Dennis played with five famous Big Bands; Guy Lombardo, Sammy Kaye, Lester Lanin, Bob Crosby and the Bobcats and Clyde McCoy.
Dennis was musical director for five years on WFYI on New York's largest, live weekly radio show, 'The Ray Heatherton Breakfast Club'.
At age twenty-two, Dennis returned to the concert stage and he continues to travel throughout the world, playing, entertaining and winning critics praises everywhere.
His extensive TV experience ranges from appearances on 'The Ed Sullivan Show', 'Today Show', and 'The Tonight Show'. He provided organ music for soap operas such as 'Young Doctor Malone', 'From These Roots', 'Dark Shadows', and games shows such as 'Beat the Clock', and 'Who Do You Trust?'.
Dennis has delighted Las Vegas audiences at the MGM Grand, Caesar's Palace, The Showboat Hotel, The Imperial Palace Hotel and the Sahara Hotel.

Extract:- Dennis Awe Web site
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Tony Back d. 25th Jan 2006
You Tube link iconHammond Medley
You Tube link iconHammond T 200 Demo
You Tube link iconYellow Riveron Hammond
You Tube link iconthe Hammond Wavelength. Full Album
You Tube link iconTime is Tight
Yamaha EL90i
You Tube link iconStrangers in the Night
A Swinging Safari
Red Roses For A Blue Lady
Yamaha EL90i
Organist Tony Back
Tony Back Discogs page

Logo, Newspaper article Genius and a gent dies
Tony Back, the well-known organist and composer, has died at the age of 64. Friends, family and well wishers were expected to attend his funeral today at Woodvale Crematorium, Brighton, at 12.30pm.
Mr Back, born and educated in Brighton, wrote and performed for top artists, including Kathy Kirby, and he once appeared on BBCs Top Of The Pops. At the tender age of three he was able to play tunes on a piano and he began performing in public at seven with his two sisters and a friend, calling themselves Tony And The Melodians. One show was held at St Dunstans home for the war blinded in Ovingdean, Brighton.
In addition to playing the piano and organ, he taught himself to play the guitar and the harmonica. On leaving school he teamed up with Maurice Glanville and the pair lost their jobs at a stained glass window company for taking time off to play in a radio programme. In the Sixties he joined Bobby Sansoms Giants group and appeared on Top Of The Pops with The Chimes. He was mainly playing the guitar but he returned to the piano and organ and in the Seventies he played keyboard with Eric Winstones Orchestra. Mr Back lived in Brighton and supported Brighton and Hove Albion. At one time he ran a music shop in the city.
He met Shirley in 1980 and the couple married in 1995.
For most of the Nineties Mr Back played for organ societies throughout England and Wales and for local groups, including The Starliners. He composed songs and two were to be played at todays funeral. He regularly visited St Dunstans and taught children at two Brighton schools.
Mr Backs sister Dorrie Mottram said: The world of music has lost a genius. Singer Renee Ansell, from Hove, called Mr Back a great musician, a gentleman, a genius in the music world and a wonderful human being. She said: I performed with him many times and it was always the greatest pleasure as his artistry was unique. I was the last person to perform with him on Christmas Eve in a hotel in Worthing. There was only one Tony Back.
The Argus 7th February 2006
Tony Back was an organist, composer, teacher, arranger and singer.
Most famous for his Hammond organ LPs on Ad-Rhythm.
Wrote the Get ORGANised teaching book series.
In 1964 he played for Matt Monroe in concert, later he produced a tribute CD of Matt Monroe songs.
1973 he was a demonstartor for Viscount Organs, and in 1977 - 79 demonstrated for Elka.
Kenneth Baker
You Tube link iconAt The Philicorda GM761
Mike Bracchi YT Channel
You Tube link iconPhilicorda 2
Kenneth Baker produced many series of books, Complete Organ Player and then Piano Player and Keyboard Player.
He also produced the 15 book "50 Favourite Songs Everyone Loves To Play" series, the 'Professional' series and the 'Home Organist Library' series. Some were great arrangements, others less so, but he was no doubt commissioned to produce a certain type of arrangement at a given level in most books.
The 'Professional' arrangements show just what he was capable of when any restrictions were lifted, and they're not for the faint-hearted. When Complete Organ Player came out, quite a few teachers were not happy about his use of major 6th chords throughout, 'the Guv'nor', Bryan Rodwell being openly critical of the 6ths on stage and in print!
Some of his fingering recommendations are also a bit odd! But the basics that he set out are still there and the courses are well-structured.

Contributed by Andy Gilbert
Ena Baga
Ena Baga
Theatre Organ
5th Jan 1906 – 15th Jul 2004
You Tube link iconEna Baga plays Bagatelle. on Hammond & Leslie.
You Tube link iconEna Baga plays playing Hammond & Leslie
You Tube link iconEna Baga plays playing Wheels / Ruedas
You Tube link iconEna Baga plays Eye Level
You Tube link iconEna Baga plays Wives and Lovers
You Tube link iconEna Baga plays The look of Love
You Tube link iconEna Baga plays Anyone who had a Heart
You Tube link iconEna Baga plays Trains and Boats and Planes
Organist Ena Baga
Logo, Wikipedia web site Ena Baga Wikipedia page

Discogs page for Ena Baga

Logo, Newspaper article Pdf document - people who mattered in Southend

Logo, Newspaper article The Telegraph obituary
Logo, Newspaper article The Stage obituary
Ena Rosina Baga was born in Clerkenwell London on January 5th 1906, her father, Constantine, was Italian and her mother, Charlotte, was Irish. Her father conducted a cinema orchestra at the Angel, Islington.
The family moved to Southend on Sea for the good of Ena's health.
Aged 12 she became the organist at the Roman Catholic church.
Ena Baga had three sisters, all musical - two of them, Florence (De Jong) and Celeste, became cinema organists, the fourth sister, Beatrice, played violin and saxophone.
When the sisters played together they formed an ensemble called Bagatrix.
Between 1925 and 1928 Ena played for silent movies, with the 'talkies' not requiring an organist Ena Baga changed direction to entertainer.
From 1940 to 1945 Ena Baga replaced Reginald Dixon at the Tower Ballroom while he completed his 'National Service'.
With many cinemas, including their organs, destroyed during the war and 'Talkies' taking over Ena changed direction again and embraced the new electronic 'Hammond' organ. Changing her repertoire to match the modern technology.
Ena Baga Married Elliot Turnbull in 1929 and Thomas J Hamilton Brown in 1936.
Ena Baga died 15th July 2004.
Extract:- Various
Rosemary Bailey
Rosemary Bailey Facebook page

What's New
Jack Sparrow
Oral History

Volare! Music lesson
Organist Rosemary Bailey
Logo, Web site link Rosemary Bailey web site

Logo, Newspaper article Lowery page on Rosemary Bailey

Rosemary Baily Discogs page
Rosemary Bailey began playing the piano at the age of five, performing strictly classical music. She soon diversified and incorporated jazz and traditional popular styles in her repertoire. By the time she was nine years old, Rosemary had begun touring throughout the United States . Concurrently, she maintained a weekly radio show, The Rosemary Bailey Show, broadcast from Chicago.
In 1970 she played a key role in the launch of the new Hammond 'Piper' keyboard with the first automatic rhythm accompaniment.
Rosemary has performed with many name artists including Victor Borge and Pete Nero as well as the Duke Ellington Orchestra.
At home on electronic as well as pipe organs, her concert schedule has taken her all over the world.
Extract:- Various
Matthew Bason
Matthew Bason
Theatre Organ
Matthew Bason Facebook page
Mattew Bason Twitter page
Matthew Bason LinkedIn page
Sand Bay Keyboard Experience Oct 2009
Sweet Georgia Brown
Theatre Organ Moods on Roland Atelier Combo.
The Dream of Olwen
Piano Medley
Organist Matthew Bason
Logo, Web site link Matthew Bason web site

Matthew Bason StarNow page

Organ 1st page for Matthew Bason
Matthew Bason began his performing career in 1994, working at a range of venues as a pianist and organist
Matthew graduated with a B.A.(Ed) Honors degree in Music and Education in 2002.
From 1994 to 2004 he was Resident Pianist at Sopwell House, St. Albans, where he played as a solo jazz pianist and accompanied other instrumentalist and singers.
From 2000 to 2003 he was Resident Musician at Ashorne Hall, Warwick, where he played the Compton and Wurlitzer Theatre Organs, Piano and Yamaha HX-1, as part of the "Mighty Cinema Organ Show" for the "Nickelodeon Collection" tours, and for their highly-popular "Variety Shows" and "Musical Tea-Parties". This residency was cut short by the sudden death of the owner, Graham Whitehead,
In 2005, Matthew began to produce concerts known as "One-Man Musical Variety Shows". These shows feature Roland AT350c Organ, Yamaha P105 Piano, Weiltmeister Accordion and Vocals.
In May 2014, Matthew became a concert artiste and demonstrator for Allen Organs U.K.
Extract:- Matthew Basons Web site
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Robert Bartha b. 9th Jan 1969
Robert Bartha Facebook page
Robert Bartha Twitter page
Wersi Louvre demonstration
Okey Live 2012 - Wersi Sonic
Musikmesse 2012
WERSI Pergamon OAX1000 Tasten festival in Herdecke 2016
Organist Robert Bartha
Logo, Wikipedia web site Robert Bartha Wikipedia page

Logo, Web site link Robert Bartha web site
Robert Bartha was born on the 9th January 1969 in Bergisch Gladbach
Robert Bartha studied at the Cologne Music Academy . In 1985 he gave his first solo concert in Cologne. Through concert tours and TV appearances Robert Bartha became known on the keyboard scene. The magazine "Keys" put Robert Bartha in the top 20 of the best organists worldwide.
Since 1992, Robert Bartha has also been a music producer and composer. His first studio production and composition I Just Wanna Dance appeared on RTL sampler as a promotional song for C & A Young Collections. In 1997, he managed the international breakthrough as a producer - with the worldwide hit In The Ghetto and the self-assembled band Ghetto People feat. With In The Ghetto he reached the top 10 music charts in over 40 countries.
As a producer and composer, he worked with Leona Lewis , Ghetto People feat. L-Viz, José Carreras All Stars, Deborah Sasson , Amadeus Barthoni, Bürger Lars Dietrich, Racine, Culture Beat , Fun.
Robert Bartha works with international artists and newcomers as part of his production company "Robert Bartha Music Productions". In 2006, Robert Bartha founded his own record company "Music2Gold Records GmbH", where he distributes the soundtracks of his artists or soundtracks of various Hollywood films through the major distributors Sony and Universal.
Extract:- Extract and translation from the Robert Bartha Wikipedia page
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Count Basie 21st Aug 1904 - 26th Apr 1984
You Tube link iconK.C. Organ Blues
You Tube link iconExtended Blues
You Tube link iconCount's Organ Blues
Organist Count Basie
Logo, Wikipedia web site Count Basie Wikipedia page

Count Basie Discogs page
William James 'Count' Basie was born August 21st 1904 in Red Bank, New Jersey.
His mother taught him to play the piano and he started performing in his teens. Dropping out of school, he learned to operate lights for vaudeville and to improvise accompaniment for silent films at a local movie theater in his home town of Red Bank, New Jersey. By 16 years old, he increasingly played jazz piano at parties, resorts and other venues. In 1924, he went to Harlem, where his performing career expanded; he toured with groups to the major jazz cities of Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City. In 1929 he joined Bennie Moten's band in Kansas City, and played with them until Moten's death in 1935.
In 1935, Basie formed his own jazz orchestra, the Count Basie Orchestra, and in 1936 took them to Chicago for a long engagement and their first recording. He led the group for almost 50 years, creating innovations like the use of two "split" tenor saxophones, emphasizing the rhythm section, riffing with a big band, using arrangers to broaden their sound, and others. Many musicians came to prominence under his direction, including the tenor saxophonists Lester Young and Herschel Evans, the guitarist Freddie Green, trumpeters Buck Clayton and Harry "Sweets" Edison and singers Jimmy Rushing and Joe Williams. Basie's theme songs were "One O'Clock Jump", developed in 1935 in the early days of his band, and later "April in Paris".
Count Basie died April 26th 1984
Extract:- Count Basie Wikipedia page
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Eddie Baxter 23rd Nov 1922 – 21st Aug 1998
20 minutes
YouTube Channel link
Eddie Baxter Eddie Baxter
Eddie Baxter
Logo, Wikipedia web site WIKIPEDIA page

Link to the Discogs page
Eddie Baxter was born in Colorado on November 23, 1922.
By the age of ten he was playing piano for dancing classes. He moved to Los Angeles at age 13, and became a professional musician during his teenage years.
He intended music as a hobby, enrolling in the pre-med program at UCLA. These plans were interrupted by World War II, which he spent in the Army Air Force. Following his discharge, he did not return to his studies but instead joined Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra.
He became Lowery Organ Company's resident artist, then subsequently was their representative in the Southern California territory.
Howard Beaumont
Howard Beaumont
Theatre Organ
Howard Beaumont Organfax page

Concert by the Sea Kawai SR6
Straus/Sea Medley
Rhythm Medley
Sixties medley
Berlin medley
Putting on the Ritz, Alexanders Ragtime Band
You Tube link icon
Link to 20 minutes you tube channel
Organist Howard Beaumont

courtesy of World of Music
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Howard Beaumont Cinema Organ Society page

ATOS logo Howard Beaumont American Theatre Organist Association page

MS Studio page for Howard Beaumont CDs
Organ 1st page for Howard Beaumont
Discogs page for Howard Beaumont

b>Howard Beaumont was born in Halifax, Yorkshire. At the age of seven he commenced with piano tuition, later graduating to the organ.
Howard learnt the art of demonstrating organs during the late 60’s from the late Jerry Allan, Bill Skidmore and Harold Smart.
Having turned professional he toured the country in Cabaret.
Howard later entertained passengers aboard Luxury Cruise Liners in the U.S.A. and, whilst in America, he discovered the mighty Wurlitzer theatre Organ at Radio City Music Hall.
On his return to this country Howard started playing these great organs in various locations around the country, including the famous Wurlitzer Organ at Blackpool Tower.
As well as a full Concert diary Howard is frequently engaged by various electronic organ manufacturers to give promotional demonstrations.
1989 proved to be an important year for Howard as he was appointed resident organist at the Scarborough Spa Park complex where, each summer season, he entertains countless holiday makers in the Sun court.
Howard is regularly featured on the popular BBC Radio 2 programme ‘The Organist Entertains’ and has made over 25 recordings.
Extract:- ATOS Web site
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Keith Beckingham
OrganFax Page
Keith Beckingham live
NAMM oral History
You Tube link iconMy Fair Lady medley & El Bimbo
You Tube link iconSpace Age Hammond Concorde organ
You Tube link iconKeith Beckingham Plays The Hammond 146 K2
You Tube link iconHi-Flying Hammond (1967)
You Tube link iconKeith Beckingham Hammond My Way
You Tube link iconAt The Aurora Classic
Organist Keith Beckingham

Origin COS Web site
Keith Beckingham Discogs page

Keith Beckingham
Pedals, Percussion and Pipes
Pipe organ

Keith Beckingham
Pedals, Percussion and Pipes
Electronic organ
Keith Beckingham has been entertaining audiences in the UK and around the world for over 50 years.
Following an audition with Joseph Seal in 1958, Keith played at the ABC/Regal Beckenham followed by a stint for Granada Theatres billed as ‘the wonder boy organist’. He made his first BBC broadcast from the Granada, Tooting followed by broadcasts from the Granada cinemas at Harrow, Clapham Junction and Kingston upon Thames.
For over 25 years Keith worked for the Hammond Organ Company presenting ‘Showcase’ concerts in the UK, Europe, South Africa, the Far East, Australia and New Zealand.
Keith was Vice President of Export Sales for the Hammond Organ Company, Chicago, USA and Managing Director of Hammond Organ (UK) Ltd.
Keith has made many Hammond recordings including ‘Hammond Showcase Revisited’.
Recent CDs have featured the Wurlitzer at the South Bank University (‘South Bank Showcase’) and Clydebank Town Hall (‘Ritz Beckingham’).
He appeared on prime time TV playing a Hammond B-3 in Ant and Dec’s revival of ‘Sale of the Century’ during their popular ‘Game Show Marathon’ series.
Extract:- COS Web site
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John Beesley
John Beesely Twitter page
John Beesley Tyros Facebook page
Olympic Flame
Colours Of The Wind
Widor's Toccata
The Stars & Stripes Forever
Trumpet Blues & Cantabile
Because You Loved Me
The Power Of Love
To see more videos of John Beesley in concert click here
Organist John Beesely
Lou Bennett 18th May 1926 - 10th Feb 1997
Performance (1966)
Hi Fly
Hit the Road Jack

You Tube link iconLou Bennett plays Green Dolphin Street
You Tube link iconLou Bennett and friends play Blues for a Blonde
Organist Lou Bennet
Logo, Wikipedia web site Lou Bennet Wikipedia page
Lou Bennet Discogs page
Jean-Louis Benoît (Lou Bennet) was born on May 18th, 1926 in Philadelphia. Lou started his musical profession as a bop pianist in Baltimore in 1947. By 1956, under the influence of Wild Bill Davis and Jimmy Smith, he had begun to play organ instead. Lou toured the East and Midwest with his bop organ trio from 1957 to 1959, becoming a solid player in the late '50s.
The following year he moved to Paris, where he played at the 'Blue Note' with Jimmy Gourley and Kenny Clarke. Bennett has toured and performed at many European Jazz festivals and in films, but has made only one appearance in the USA - at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1964.
He worked extensively in Spain, performing at clubs and festivals, and composed several soundtracks for films. Lou also appeared as an actor in three movies. His last album 'Now Hear My Meaning' was recorded in 1992.
Lou Bennet passed away February 10th 1997 in a hospital outside of Paris.
Extract:- Lou Bennet biography
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Pat Bianchi
Pat Bianchi Facebook page
Pat Bianchi Twitter page
Pat Bianchi YouTube channel
Pat Bianchi Instagram page
The BE3 Trio
Live Concert
introduction to jazz
Roots Interchange
My Shining Hour
Key B Live
Organist Pat Bianchi
Image from the Pat Bianchi Web site
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Logo, Web site link Pat Bianchi web site

Logo, Wikipedia web site Pat Bianchi Wikipedia page
Pat Bianchi began playing organ at the age of 7. Unlike many organists of today, piano was not his first instrument. He would spend many hours at a Farfisa Compact Duo organ that was given to him as a Christmas gift. His grandfathers along with his father, all working musicians, provided a great deal of support and guidance early in his musical development. Recognizing Pat's continuing affinity for music, his parents enrolled him in classical piano study. While still maintaining a strong interest in organ, he was playing some of his first professional gigs by the age of 11.
Upon graduating high school, Bianchi continued his studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston and graduated in 1998 with a Bachelors of Music in Jazz Piano Performance. Shortly after graduating cum laude, Bianchi secured the position as the house pianist at the famous El Chapultepec club in Denver, CO. The Pec often brought in guest artists giving Pat a chance to play with some of the best. After being at the Pec for 6 nights a week for almost 3 years, Pat became an important fixture on the Denver Jazz Scene.
Pat Bianchi decided to move on from his gig at the The Pec and focus solely on organ. A brief stint in NYC would soon follow and Bianchi quickly established himself on the competitive New York scene.
Bianchi joined the faculty of the University of Colorado at Boulder Jazz Studies Program teaching piano, theory and ensembles to undergraduate, masters and doctoral students.
Pat Bianchi returned to New York City in June of 2008. He officially joined Lou Donaldson's quartet in 2009 performing with Lou for almost a year and a half before joining Pat Martino's working trio in 2011.
Extract:- Pat Bianchi Web site
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Doug Bielanski
Doug Bielanski Facebook page
Doug Bielanski Youtube channel
Firework - Yamaha Electone
Could It Be Magic - Roland AT-90SL
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps - Roland Atelier
Axel F - Yamaha FX1
Usted Abuso - Yamaha ELX-1
Doug Bielanski organist

Image source:- Doug Bielanski FaceBook page
A very talented hobby player
Ralph & Buddy Bonds
Ralph & Buddy Bonds
Link to the Discogs page

Alan Ashton Organ Celebrities page
Ralph and Buddy Bonds were born in Philadelphia.
Both studied music from an early age, progressing from junior to senior church organists.
They went to the University of Philadelphia, Villanove College and Combs University.
After serving in the armed services they decided on a career providing a twin organ presentation, at first with little success. With the help of a Theatre Master of Ceremonies by the name of Jay Mills they got the break they needed.

Richard Bower
Mark Shakespeare Medley
History of Love
Samba Medley
Lyme Bay Keyboard Experience, Keyklix
The Rose - Keyklix
Master Of The House KeyKlix Klan
Yamaha Organist Richard Bower

Image origin:- EOM archive
Richard Bower is a freelance demonstrator for Yamaha. He is heavily involved in the development of the range of Yamaha keyboards
Having spent many successful years on the road as a concert artiste, on his own and with Ian Griffin as half of the Keyklix duo, and demonstrating the Yamaha range of instruments, he now spends his time with his wife helping run their music shop and travelling back and forth to Japan working on the next range of keyboards.
Jackie Brown 6th Aug 1923 - 28th May 1974
You Tube link iconPlaying piano
YouTube linkCan I Forget You
Granada Tooting
Organist Jackie Brown Organist Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown was born on 6th August 1923.
He was a highly successful musician, working not only as a highly regarded theatre organist and pianist but also as band arranger and composer for film and television, most notably working on the famous Billy Cotton Band Show.
Jackie joined the electronic organ retail trade, becoming Musical Director for Southern Organs, a chain of stores in Sussex, and demonstrating various makes, including a time as demonstrator for Farfisa organs, on which he recorded some LP records.
A great romantic player, he is perhaps now best remembered for his beautiful recordings and a BBC broadcast he made from the Wurlitzer at the palatial Granada Cinema in Tooting, South West London.
Jackie passed away on 28th May 1974, the sad result of a trip whilst he was moving a large electronic organ on his own.
" Dad played every instrument under the sun, including the clarinet, the trumpet and piano accordion. Although he was maybe better known as an organist, I loved to hear his piano playing"
Quote from Amanda Brown, Jackie's daughter
1946 working for Gaumont British.
Extract:- Theatre Organ World
Phil Brown
Organfax logo OrganFax Page
YouTube logo
YouTube Channel
Klaus Wunderlich Medley Bohm Excellence 300
Time Is Tight Bohm Excellence 300
Black & White Rag
Phil Brown organist
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Phil Brown started playing the organ at the age of eleven. Whilst standing outside a local organ shop waiting for his father, he was intrigued by the sounds coming through the open shop door.  He ventured inside and invested 50 pence in his first organ lesson.
At the age of thirteen, Phil began performing in public, he became the resident organist at the Golden Pheasant, Derby where he played for three years, three times a week.
On leaving school at the age of 16, Phil enrolled on an A-Level Music Foundation Course at South-East Derbyshire College.
With his most recent highlights of his career he can call himself truly international.  He has performed as far afield as America, Spain, Channel Islands where he has also been on the "air waves" playing on Radio Guernsey. He has also performed in Germany and Switzerland for Bohm Electronic GmbH at Organ Festivals.
Joe Bucci 1927 - 2008
20 minutes
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Joe Bucci was born in Malden, Massachusetts in 1927
Milt Buckner 10th Jul 1915 - 27th Jul 1977
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You Tube link iconMilt Buckner plays Please, Mr Organ Player
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Organist Milt Buckner

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Milton Brent Buckner was born 10th July 1915 in St. Louis, Missouri. His parents encouraged him to learn to play piano, they both died when he was nine years old. Milt and his younger brother were sent to Detroit where they were adopted by members of the Earl Walton band. Buckner studied piano for three years from the age 10, then at 15 began writing arrangements for the band, he and his brother going on to become active in the Detroit jazz world in the 1930s.
Milt Buckner first played in Detroit with the McKinney Cotton Pickers and then with Cab Calloway. In 1941 he joined Lionel Hampton's big band, and for the next seven years served as its pianist and staff arranger. He led a short-lived big band of his own for two years, but then returned to Hampton's in 1950. In 1952 he formed his own trio, and pioneered the use of the electric Hammond organ. He pioneered the parallel chords style that influenced Red Garland, George Shearing et al. He often played in Europe in the late 1960s. His last studio session took place in Paris on 4 July 1977.
Milt Buckner died 27th July 1977 in Chicago, Illinois, at the age of 62.
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Paul Carmen b. 1962
Blue Moon
Wind Beneath My Wings
Sunny Side of the Street
A Walk in the Black Forest
Moon River
El Condor Pasa
Organist Paul Carmen
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Paul Carmen was born in 1962 in Leicester. His musical journey began at the age of 12 when his father purchased the first family organ a Hammond VS350. Paul was offered 6 free lessons and so it all began.
At 14 Paul took first prize in a Midland Arts festival.
Upon leaving Grammar school at 18 Paul decided upon a career in music and started work in a local music store.
By 20 Paul was a demonstrator for Godwin organs followed by a move to Gem. An ambition of Paul’s was to work for Yamaha and that was fulfilled when at 22, Paul joined Yamaha as a demonstrator. Paul went on to become a regional manager for Yamaha until he left to form his own software company Keysoft.
While working on software Paul made acquaintance with the Orla Organ Company with whom he has worked for many years.
Currently Paul is working with Korg as a demonstrator

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Marco Cerbella
Marco Cerbella
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Cavalleria Rusticana Electone, ELS-02X
Polka 'Schnell' Winterlust
Morning Mood
Kill Bill Medley D-Deck
James Bond Theme
Marco Cerbella organist
Doreen Chadwick
Doreen Chadwick
Theatre Organ
1919 - 26th June 2014
Hammond Medley
Organist Doreen Chadwick
Originally from South Wales, Doreen Chadwick lived in Manchester for many years and was well known for her time playing and broadcasting the Wurlitzer organ at the Gaumont in Manchester.
Doreen was one of the few lady Granada Theatres organists before WWII, and had a very long and successful career playing the Theatre and Electronic organ all over the country.(as well as running a pub in-between!)
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Buddy Cole
Buddy Cole
Theatre Organ
15th Dec 1916 – 5th Nov 1964
It Had To Be You- Bing Crosby and Buddy Cole

Buddy Cole plays Hammond
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Ingenuity In Sound Full LP
You Tube link iconBuddy Cole plays Hammond
You Tube link iconBuddy Cole plays Hammond
Memories of You
You Tube link iconBuddy Cole plays Hammond
That Old Black Magic
You Tube link iconBetween the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
You Tube link iconBuddy Cole plays Hammond
La Rosita
You Tube link iconBuddy Cole plays Hammond
The Peanut Vendor
You Tube link iconBuddy Cole plays Hammond
The Moon Was Yellow
You Tube link iconBuddy Cole plays Hammond
You Tube link iconBuddy Cole plays Hammond
Cheek to Cheek
You Tube link iconBuddy Cole plays Hammond
You Tube link iconBuddy Cole plays Hammond
Hernando's Hideaway
You Tube link iconBuddy Cole plays Hammond
You Tube link iconBuddy Cole plays Hammond
Old Devil Moon
Organist Buddy Cole

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Edwin LeMar Cole, known as Buddy Cole was a jazz pianist and orchestra leader.
Buddy Cole was born in Irving, Illinois, and started his musical career in the theater playing between movies.
He moved to Hollywood and played with a couple of bands, including the Alvino Rey big band, before becoming a studio musician.
He played piano for Bing Crosby and toured with Rosemary Clooney.
Although Buddy Cole is primarily known as a pianist, he had an abiding love for the organ, both Hammond and theatre organ. He worked extensively with Henry Mancini, who used his distinctive Hammond organ sound for the sound track to the TV series "Mr. Lucky". He also recorded several albums for Warner Brothers records on piano, Hammond organ and theatre pipe organ.
Buddy Cole married Yvonne King, member of the King Sisters, They had two daughters, actress Tina Cole and Cathy Cole Green.
He later married Clare Cole.
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John Cooper
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John Cooper organist
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John Cooper showed an interest in music at the age of 11, when his father and sister attended music lessons, playing the electronic organ. It wasn’t long before they realised that John had an ear for music. He would often come home after their lesson and play the tune that they were learning before them, without the aid of music.
John had lessons and was often put forward into Yamaha Electone festivals where he was successful in getting to the the England finals. He would take his inspiration from players such as Glyn Madden and Max Takano.
At the age of 16 he left school and was teaching classes for the Yamaha music school. He also had an active part in demonstrating keyboards, pianos and the then top of the range organ Yamaha EL90, which was his dream to one day own..
John now has his ultimate dream organ, the Yamaha EL900m.
John has always prided himself on making the organ sound like a full orchestra, big band or traditional organ.

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Jesse Crawford
Jesse Crawford
Theatre Organ
2nd Dec 1895 – 28th May 1962
Pathe logoFilmed on his first visit to England
Jesse and Helen Crawford
You Tube link iconThe Poet of the Organ - Hammond
You Tube link iconRemembering , Hammond Organ & Harp Side 1
You Tube link iconRemembering , Hammond Organ & Harp Side 2
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Organist Jesse Crawford
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Jesse Crawford was born December 2, 1895 his father died when he was one year old, leaving an impoverished wife and mother, she placed the baby in an orphanage asylum near Woodland, California. Jesse Crawford taught himself music there. By age nine, he was playing a cornet in the orphanage band. At age 14 he left the orphanage to play piano in a small dance band, and then took a job playing piano in a ten-cent-admission silent film house.
His early theatre organ experience was at Washington's Spokane Gem Theater in 1911 and at the Clemmer-owned Casino He next played briefly at theatres in Billings, Montana, Spokane, Washington and Seattle. When he met Oliver Wallace.
In the 1920s Jesse Crawford began forming a fan base and was dubbed the 'Poet of the Organ' for his style of playing ballads in Chicago. In 1921, he was employed by the Balaban and Katz theatre chain playing its 29-rank Wurlitzer in the Chicago Theatre.
From 1926 to 1933, he performed at New York City's Paramount Theater, with his wife Helen Anderson playing a twin organ console. They met in 1923, and married in 1924.
After some recordings for the small local Autograph Records label, Crawford made a series of gramophone records for the Victor Records label which proved very popular with record buyers.
With the end of the silent film era, work for theatre organists in movie houses dried up. Crawford played a Kilgen organ at Chicago's Century of Progress World's Fair in 1934, and in 1936 he got a job as staff organist in NBC Radio studios in Chicago.
In the 1930s, Jesse Crawford switched to the Hammond organ, and began playing engagements across the United States. Between 1937 and 1940, he appeared with his wife Helen in several Vitaphone short films released by Warner Brothers
Jesse Crawford died May 28th 1962.

Extract from the Jesse Crawford Wikipedia page

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