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Glyn Madden
Glyn Madden OrganFax page
Bluesette Yamaha Electone HE-8

Puppet On A String Yamaha Electone HS-8 (1987)

Life On Mars Yamaha Electone HX-1 (1987)

Gospel John Yamaha HS8 Organ

Zampa Yamaha Electone HX-1 (1987)

Yamaha PSR-S910 Demonstration
Thorn Birds

You Tube link iconGlyn MaddenSplanky
Yamaha EL90
You Tube link iconGlyn MaddenTill I Loved You
Yamaha EL90
organist Glyn Madden
Glyn Madden
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Ian Woolstenholme interviews Glyn Madden.
Includes tracks with Glyn playing a FX20
Glyn Madden was born in Hillsborough, Sheffield. His father gave private piano lessons in the evenings and at weekends, Glyn joined the other pupils and started learning piano.
Glyn started performing his 'party pieces' on piano not long after he started school. By the age of ten he decided to be a drummer and played for the local Boys' Brigade band.
Glyn's dad played the music for a concert that was put on at his school - and someone lent a small Lowrey organ. He didn't take any notice of it at the time but, at the end of the show, the children presented his Dad with an LP featuring Joseph Seal playing a Wurlitzer
Glyn was absolutely enthralled by the sound of the theatre organ and so his Dad, who was also the organist and choir-master at the local church, suggested that I should begin taking lessons. When, just as he was leaving school, a job was advertised in the local music shop, Glyn applied - and so it was that, four years later, he found himself managing the music shop.
Shop work doesn't often pay well and, to supplement his wages (and to pay for a car), Glyn taught the organ and played in a variety of venues during the evening.
In 1980, Yamaha (then Kemble Organ Sales Ltd) offered Glyn a job as staff demonstrator / concert artist. They were launching a new organ called the D85. Glyn stayed with the company until 2000 when ill health forced him to quit and exchange the exciting but exhausting lifestyle for something a little less hectic.
Glyn now runs the Yamaha Club and produces a by-monthly magazine.
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Michael McAneny
Sleeping Beauty Waltz
West Side Story
Michael McAneny
Michael McAneny
John Mann
John Mann OrganFax page
Lyme Bay Keyboard Experience

You Tube link iconThe stripper, Played on Eminent 200 grand
Organist John Mann
John Mann
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John Mann appreciation Society

John Mann COS page

Organ 1st page for John Mann
Discogs page for John Mann
Music has always been the prime priority in John Mann's life. From an early age he showed his enthusiasm, and was quickly encouraged by his parents, who bought him a piano.
John worked hard on that piano, and his music teacher was so interested in the young Mr Mann that she gave more than the set lesson time, John went on to pass his Royal School of Music examinations and participated in many musical festivals in Brighton, his hometown.
There was a deep flair for the show business side too. John went to the Brighton School of Drama where he took part in acting, elocution and dancing lessons
The knowledge of dance and stage craft has helped him over the years in his varied work.
John applied for and got the job of organist at the local sports stadium. Up to this time John's organ playing was confined to church organ lessons with the study of Voluntary's and some Bach works. Secretly when he was left alone in the church at night he would let rip with a few extemporisations on well-known songs of the day - all done in the best possible taste!!
By now he was in full flight on the road to becoming an Entertainment Organist, with variations, producing the Summer Season Concert Party and Band shows that have served him well to set up his present position as Britain's number one Entertainment Organist.

Extract from the John Mann biography
Nicholas Martin
Nicolas Martin OrganFax page
Nick Martin Facebook page
Dance medley
Vienna to Cabaret medley
Midsomer Murders
Cavalleia Rusticana Intermezzo
Organist Nicholas Martin
Nicholas Martin
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Nick Martin CD sales
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Nick Martins musical career started when he first studied the piano at nine years of age. He began to take a keen interest in the organ shortly afterwards.
During a family visit to Blackpool, in 1969 , he overheard the Wurlitzer organ being played in the famous Tower Ballroom by none other than Reginald Dixon, Nick was totally smitten - in fact, he never quite got over it! After he started learning to play the organ, at age eleven, it became his driving ambition to perform at this famous venue.
Nick's Tower Ballroom ambition was realised in 1981, and he accepted a post as resident organist - He played there solidly, seven days a week, during the 1981 and 1982 seasons
Whilst at Blackpool in 1982 Nick was approached by Nigel Turner a businessman from Northampton. Mr Turner proposed opening a new organ entertainments complex - "Turner's Musical Merry-go-Round". The feature piece would be a large Wurlitzer theatre organ
Nick commenced duty at "Turner's", as resident Wurlitzer organist, in April 1983, and remained there until its closure in June 2004. Nick recorded over thirty albums on "Turner's Wurlitzer" as well as Video's and DVD's
One of the major highlights in Nick's musical career was an offer (in 1985) to perform in concert at the Kirk of Dunedin - a community church on the West Coast of Florida. Since that first visit, he has been asked to return many times.
After Turner's closed in July 2004, Nick became Musical Director at Wicksteed Park (Kettering, Northants.) -His work there consisted of performing all the music for the afternoon variety shows and accompanying the various acts - by using his Technics G-100. His "term of office" came to an end there in December 2008.
Nowadays, Nick's career finds him performing for the many organ societies and clubs around the U.K. as well as church recitals.
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Jean Martyn
Jean Martyn Linkedin page
Jean Mertyn Facebook page
Jean Martyn Twitter page
Jean Martyn You Tube channel
Jean Martyn OrganFax page
Britain's Got Talent Special (Semi-Finals)
Final - Britain's Got Talent 2011
Jean Martyn ( the real one)
On Piano
James Last Selection
Medley on Yamaha EL 900
Organist Jean Martyn
Jean Martyn
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Organ 1st page for Jean Martin
Discogs page for Jean Martin
Jean Martyn moves effortlessly between grand piano, electronic keyboards, mighty 1930's cinema organs. Jean's range of music is vast, extending from classical to jazz and modern dance.
Jean performed at an International Reception for approximately 600 Rotarians at the Metropole Hotel and gave two performances at the NEC International Convention Centre in the City of Birmingham.
Next came a classical organ recital in Lichfield Cathedral, the city of her birth, along with her Yamaha electronic organ. Then at the Symphony Hall Birmingham she played the classical organ, giving a pedal solo.
Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre is a regular venue, where Jean performs on the mighty Compton cinema organ, and Steinway grand piano. Jean makes several appearances each year in Europe and America in addition to her busy programme of tours around Britain. She performed with James last at the Apollo Theatre in Manchester in 1993.
Musically trained at Trinity College, Trent Park and The Guildhall School of Music, London, Jean is the only female organist to have recorded on the famous Blackpool Tower Wurlitzer Organ during the last 50 years.
She has given three concerts at the Cheshire residence of the Duke of Westminster and has appeared for the 'Not Forgotten Association' at St James's Palace in London for Chelsea Pensioners.
In 2010 she performed in Hamburg for the BBC, and celebrated 30 years as a professional musician.
Extract:- OrganFax page
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Stef Meeder b. 12th April 1935
My Sweet Gipsy Rose medley
Across The Ally From The Alamo
September In The Rain

You Tube link iconHollandse medley
You Tube link iconSoul Tango Medley
You Tube link iconMedley Op Wersi WEGA CD600
You Tube link iconWithout Your Love
You Tube link iconSympathy - El Condor Pasa - Let it be
You Tube link iconWhat's new - Alone again, naturally - Something
HOCH Steff Meeder
Steff Meeder

Photo origin
Hammond Organ Club
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Stef Meeder Discogs page

Logo, Wikipedia web site Stef Meeder Wikipedia page

Superson logo Supersong web site
Stef Meeder was born in Schiedam on April 12th 1935.
His father was a house painter and pianist. At the age of four Steff started to take an interest in playing the piano, his father gave him lessons.
At the age of fourteen Stef Meeder had his first band: the KAJ band. KAJ stands for Catholic Workers Youth. KAJ The band played a lot in the location where the KAJ was established. The chaplain who accompanied Kajotters thought Stef could play the organ. He was right and Stef spent six years as church organist.
Stef and his band continued to perform until he was called up for military service at the age of twenty. He formed a dance orchestra: the Wittenberg Band, named after the place where Stef was stationed.
On completion of his military service Stef Meeder went to work as a salesman / demonstrator at Johan de Heer. There he saw Hammond organs and other brands, Stef had to demonstrate these instruments when trying to sell them. His interest in the Hammond sound grew quickly. Soon he was demonstrating at fairs and exhibitions inside and outside. Stef found the place where you could demonstrate with the most success was in the cinema.
At the age of 29 Stef decided to be his own boss. He started his first business in Schiedam, his birthplace. He realized that he could sell organs he also gave a guarantee in that people could actually learn to play them. Stef developed an organ course on cassette. This was soon expanded with courses for guitar, keyboard, percussion, piano, flute and bass. In 1982 Phonogram awarded Stef a gold tape for selling more than 250,000 copies of these courses.
Stef received an invitation from the Holland America line to become one of its cruise line entertainers. It was a great success, he spent ten years cruising the world.
Stef also produced the Super Song Series. He identified a market for sheet music with songs from the current charts written for the organ. Stef sold this business in 1998, but the Super Song Series is still published under the name Stef Meeder.

Extract and translation from an article on Stef Meeder by Hammond Organ Club Holland
Marjorie Meinert c.1921 - 2009
20 minutes
YouTube Channel link

You Tube link iconAutumn Leaves
Marjorie Meinert Marjorie Meinert
Marjorie Meinert
Link to the Marjorie Meinert Discogs page

Logo, Newspaper article Marjorie Meinert
Marjorie Meinert was a child prodigy, with her first broadcast performance on the piano at age 7.
She was a consummate professional all her life, touring coast-to-coast as well as fitting in the TV and radio shows plus recordings and live gigs.
During the 40s and 50s, at the height of her career, she appeared on 5 radio shows and 5 TV shows weekly.
She died at the age of 88 in 2009.
She recorded for RCA.
Vyacheslav Mescherin 1923 — 6th Oct 1995
You Tube link iconSketch
You Tube link iconPopcorn
You Tube link iconOn the Way to School
You Tube link iconAt the Summer Cottage
You Tube link iconHow a Hare Cheated a Fox
You Tube link iconEl Bimbo
20 minutes
YouTube Channel link
Vyacheslav Mescherin
Vyacheslav Mescherin
Logo, Wikipedia web site Wikipedia link

Logo, Newspaper article Biography
Vyacheslav Valerianovich Mescherin was a Soviet Russian musician and composer, founder of Vyacheslav Mescherin's Orchestra of Electronic Instruments that performed space age pop and easy listening music.
A veteran of the World War II, Vyacheslav received Order of the Red Star and Medal ":For Courage":.
After the war, Mescherin graduated from Gnessin State Musical College and worked on the radio.
In 1957 he founded Orchestra of Electronic Instruments, also informally known as Vyacheslav Mescherin Orchestra. The orchestra used various electronic instruments, such as theremins, electric organs and early synthesisers. Vyacheslav composed some of the music, but also arranged electronic versions of folk tunes and Western songs, such as El Bimbo and Pop Corn.
Mescherin's music was often used as a background in elevators and waiting halls, as well as on television.

Extract:- Vyacheslav Mescherin Wikipedia page
Shiro Michi 18th Dec 1924- 11th Nov 2016
You Tube link iconI Really Don't Want To Know
You Tube link iconUn Homme Et Une Femme
You Tube link iconMusic To Watch Girls By
You Tube link icon I Left My Heart In San Francisco
You Tube link iconGelsomina
You Tube link iconSomethin Stupid
Shiro Michi Shiro Michi
Shiro Michi
Shiro Michi Discogs page

Logo, Wikipedia web site Wikipedia page
Hiraoka Michihiro (Shiro Michi) was born in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture
He was involved from the early stages of the development of Yamaha electronic organs and electones.
Richard Monks
Richard Monks Facebook page
Theatre Organ Medley
You Only Live Twice
Richard Monks organist
Richard Monks
Logo, Web site link Richard Monks web site

Richard Monks CD sales
Richard Monks was born in Ashford, Middlesex and developed an interest in music from an early age and started taking piano lessons at the age of 8. His interest in the organ in particular, developed from hearing the Church organ being played whilst singing in his school Christmas Carol concert and was particularly taken with the sound of the Theatre organ after hearing recordings of the Tower Ballroom Wurlitzer.
As well as playing for concerts in clubs and societies around the country, including a concert tour of the Channel Islands, he has appeared at several of the UK's organ/keyboard festivals including Lyme Bay, Mill Rythe and St Audries.
He also is a keen theatre organ player and has played various organs around the country including the Stockport and Burton-on-Trent Town Hall Wurlitzers, the Tower Ballroom Wurlitzer in Blackpool and the Bournemouth Pavilion Compton. He also makes regular appearances at the oldest Wurlitzer in the UK located in Beer, Devon.
He also plays the pipe organ and piano for local churches for services and accompanying choirs for choral works and also for weddings including accompanying soloists.

Extract from the Richard Monks web site
Kevin Morgan
Kevin Morgans Linkedin page
Playing GA3
Organist Kevin Morgan
Kevin Morgan
Kevin Morgan COS Page

Organ 1st page for Kevin Morgan
Kevin Morgan started playing piano at the age of three. When, as a choirboy, his voice broke, he was persuaded to try playing the organ instead of singing! All went well and he played for his first Choral Evensong in Salisbury Cathedral at the age of eleven.
He took 'O' and 'A' Level Music (amongst others) and passed his Grade Eight Piano, Organ, Singing, Theory and General Musicianship examinations (winning prizes for the highest marks) along with a Performance Diploma at the piano before going up to University College, Durham.
In 1986, he was appointed organist and choirmaster at Bolton Parish Church that has a fine three-manual Hill organ.
Kevin Morgan is a prize-winning Fellow of The Royal College of Organists, a Licentiate of The Royal Academy of Music and Trinity College of Music, London, in addition to holding Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees.

Extract from the Kevin Morgan COS page
Andrew Nix
Theatre Organ Medley played on Roland Atelier
Shadows Medley
March of the cobblers
Festival FinaleBrett Wales with Andrew Nix, Ben Scott Hyde and Pete Shaw
Andrew Nix at Stockport Town Hall
Andrew Nix
Stockport Town Hall
Andrew Nix Cinema Organ Society page

Logo, Web site link TopNote Events web site
Andrew Nix, born 1968 just outside Selby, North Yorkshire, has established himself on the organ circuit not only as a musician but also as an entertainer.
It was when Andrew reached the age of ten that his interest in organs became apparent. His mother had an organ at home and Andrew sat down and learnt several Christmas carols (even though it was in the middle of summer). His parents saw the potential and arranged lessons for him. Although he was taught by two teachers (one being classical) he soon developed his own style.
Shortly after leaving school Andrew was offered three nights a week playing in a local club where he accompanied artistes and played for dancing. At 17 years old Andrew was appointed Organist and Musical Director for a Theatre Group performing at Butlins, Barry Island. Andrew thoroughly enjoyed this position as he was gaining experience and confidence. After three further seasons with Butlins and one for Haven Holidays Andrew became fully freelance as he was increasingly in demand for concerts and dances nation-wide on both Theatre and Electronic organs.
In May 2000 Andrew started performing on a Roland Atelier and now currently tours with the T900c (Freelance).
Extract:- OrganFax page
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Hector Olivera Link to pipe organ page icon
Hector Olivera
Facebook Page
Hector Olivera
YouTube Channel
Hector Olivera organist
Csardas - Roland AT-900
Rhapsody in blue von Queen
Magnificent Seven
Tico Tico and Flight Of The Bumble Bee
Largo from Xerxes - Roland C-200 Classic Organ
Hector Olivera organist
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Organ 1st page for Hector Olivera

Logo, Newspaper article Article on Hector Olivera

Hector Olivera
Organ Live Page
Hector Olivera was born in Buenos Aires, Hector's first teacher (who was his father) encouraged him to begin playing the pipe organ when he was three. Two years later, Hector was appointed organist of the Church of the Immaculate Conception. At six, he entered the Buenos Aires Conservatory to study harmony, counterpoint, and fugue. Beginning to learn the art of improvisation there, by nine, he had composed a suite for oboe and string orchestra, which was eventually performed by the Buenos Aires Symphony Orchestra.
Hector entered the University of Buenos Aires when he was 12, where he studied with
Hector Zeoli Hector Zeoli organist
Hector Zeoli
5th Sep 1919 - 6th Aug 1993
Organist, pedagogue and composer, born in Rosario, a province of Santa Fe.
His teachers were Richard Engelbreght, Hermes Forti, Juan Francisco Giacobbe and Guillermo Graetzer.
Appointed by Cardinal Antonio Caggiano as organist of the Cathedral of his native city.
Juan Francisco Giacobbe.
Juan Francisco Giacobbe.
27th Mar 1907 - 31st Jan 1990
Musicologist, composer, director, playwright, poet, philosopher, registrar and Argentine Music Professor.
He graduated from the National Conservatory of Music and Performing Arts in 1929.
He studied Byzantine hymnography and Gregorian chant in the Monastery of Santa Maria del Monte, in Cesena
By 18, he had performed more than 300 concerts throughout Latin America, appearing frequently on Argentinean radio and television. During this time, he also served for three years as the senior improvisational accompanist for the Collegium Musicum in Buenos Aires.
In 1965, New York's prestigious Juilliard School of Music offered him a scholarship. He immediately moved to the United States to study with
Vernon de Tar
Vernon de Tar
6th May 1905 - 7th Oct 1999
attended Syracuse University where he earned a Bachelor of Music Degree in 1927.
and Bronson Reagan. Three years later, Hector won the National Improvisation Contest sponsored by the American Guild of Organists.
In 1992, Hector was featured at the American Guild of Organists convention at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta performing the world premiere of a commissioned work written by William Albright. Later, from this same stage, Hector performed on Garrison Keillor's "A Prairie Home Companion." According to Keillor, Hector "literally stopped the show!"
In 1996, again in Atlanta, Hector performed at Spivey Hall in connection with the Olympic Games. In 2000, Hector performed a solo memorial concert in New York City's St. Paul the Apostle Church as a tribute to his greatest hero and role model, organist Virgil Fox.

Extract:- GOA Web site
Martin Orbidans
Martin Orbidans LinkedIn page
Martin Orbidans Facebook page
Martin Orbidans You Tube channel
You Tube link iconSo Nice
You Tube link iconI Have Dreamed
You Tube link iconOur love is here to stay
Organist Martin Orbidans
Martin Orbidans
Logo, Newspaper article Martin Orbidands music teacher profile
Martin Orbidans was born in Hull, East Yorkshire and spent his early years in Beverley. He was a member of Beverley Minster Choir and went to Longcroft School where he played in the East Riding Youth Orchestra.
Working in the clubs Martin accompanied many famous people including Bert Weedon, Larry Grayson, Charlie Williams, Frank Ifield, Danny La Rue, he also worked with the Ray McVay band.
Martin spent a short time playing Hammond organ on the North Sea ferries, then took two Summer Seasons in Scarborough. After that he joined the Royal Marines Band Service. He took a few private trumpet lessons with the Scarborough teacher 'Joe Blewitt' and did grade 2 in 6 month`s just scraping a pass! he was considered to be the worst trumpet player in the Marines but the best pianist
After a shock year in training Martin went to the Rosyth band (RM) and then on to then to the Portsmouth staff band. From which are chosen musicians to perform on the now defunct Royal Yacht Britannia.
Martin left the Marines in 1987 to try and make a go of working for himself and after a brief spell in Vancouver, he joined the organ club circuit in UK.
Martin then moved to Cairo where he earned a living teaching. He found that he could triple his salary if he had a Bmus degree so came back to the UK to study.
Martin now teaches music in the UK.

Extract from the Martin Orbidans blog.
Eddie Osborne
You Tube link iconWhen The Saints Go Marching In
You Tube link iconWashington Post
You Tube link iconTennessee Waltz
You Tube link iconSouth Of The Border
You Tube link iconSid's Blues
You Tube link iconMuskrat Ramble
You Tube link iconMa He's Makin' Eyes At Me
You Tube link iconEl Cumbachero
You Tube link iconButtons And Bows
Eddie Osborne
Eddie Osborne
Discogs page
Korla Pandit 16th Sep 1921- 2nd Oct 1998
Song of India
Chiu chiu
La Cumparsita
Pelone Telefone
The Godfather of Exotica

You Tube link iconKorla Pandit - The Universal Language of Music, Vol 1
You Tube link iconKorla Pandit - Music of the Exotic East
You Tube link iconKorla Pandit's The Grand Moghul
You Tube link iconKorla Pandit's The Very Thought Of You
Korla Pandit
Korla Pandit
Logo, Wikipedia web site Korla Pandit Wikipedia page

Logo, Newspaper article Korla Pandit biography

Korla Pandit Discogs page

Alan Ashton Organ Celebrities page

Phot Gallery
Korla Pandit was born John Roland Redd in 1921 in St. Louis, Missouri, to an African-American family. Pandit's father was Ernest Redd, an African-American man and a Baptist pastor, and his mother was Doshia O'Nina Redd, of French and African blood. Pandit had two brothers and four sisters, all light-skinned like him. He attended a segregated school and learned to play piano. A contemporary of his, jazz pianist
"Sir" Charles Thompson,
"Sir" Charles Thompson
21st Mar 1918 – 16th June 2016
American swing and bebop pianist, organist, composer, and arranger.
knew him during that time; he said that John Roland Redd was the better piano player.
During the mid-1940s, as Juan Rolando, he played the organ on the Los Angeles radio station KMPC, and he performed in various supper clubs and lounges. He was also heard on the Rudy Vallée Show and Jubilee, the program of black jazz and swing bands transcribed by the Special Services of the War Department for airing to WWII servicemen overseas.
In 1944, he married Disney artist
Beryl June De Beeson,
Beryl J. De Beeson
and the two reinvented his image, eventually replacing "Juan Rolando" with "Korla Pandit" and fabricating a romantic history for him as a baby born in New Delhi, India to a Brahmin priest and a French opera singer, who travelled from India via England, finally arriving in the United States

Extract from the Korla Pandit Wikipedia page
Rod Pooley
Rod Pooley Facebook page
Glen Miller Tribute
Pan Pipes
Stranger on the Shore
Cant Buy Me Love

You Tube link icon
Rod Pooley
Rod Pooley
Logo, Web site link Rod Pooley web site
Born in Welling, Kent, in 1966, Rod Pooley started playing electronic organ at the age of seven years studying under the very capable guidance of John Norris. Rod furthered his playing skills by starting piano from the age of ten. He was very fortunate to be taught the piano by a top London jazz pianist James Fagg. Rod passed the eleven plus and went to Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School which at that time had one of the largest school music departments in the UK. Rods claim to fame was to perform solo in concert at the school in front of former prime minister Sir Edward Heath
Rod has won many major titles in the organ world. These include:
1981 at 14 years of age Young Theatre Organist of the Year
1985 and 1986 at 18 and 19 years of age National Organist of the year.
1988 at 21 years of age Yamaha Electone Festival Winner
Rod has Grade VIII on Piano and Organ and achieved a performance diploma in electronic organ playing at just 17 years of age. For two years Rod was a Church organist at St Michaels and All Angels Eastbourne where the family had moved to in 1982. Rods professional career was already well established by the time he left school, performing at many organ societies. Rod has worked with the Joe Loss Orchestra, the Ken Mackintosh Big Band, Mike Reid and Jimmy Tarbuck. Rod has organised and run a very successful organ and keyboard school, He spent a couple of years performing and demonstrating as Product Specialist and Events Organiser for Korg UK.
Rod has a busy professional career gigging with his newly signed band The Drawtones which recently appeared with Curtis Stigers, Derek Nash (Jools Holland Band) and featured in the 2016 Rye International Jazz Festival.

Extract from the Rod Pooleybiography
Judith Popplewell c1941 -
Judith Popplewell organist
Judith Popplewell
Judith Popplewell was resident organist at the Norfolk Arms at Ringinglow, Sheffield, in 1965. Playing a Selmer electric organ
At the age of nineteen she was billed as the youngest lady organist in the North of England, Judith was one of the MGM team who toured with the film Gigl and went to Worcester and Middlesbrough, and played three seasons at the Vinery at Filey.
The Stage
Thursday 25 August 1960
Image © The Stage Media Company Limited
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Chris Powell
Chris Powell OrganFax page
Theatre Organ Medley played on Roland Atelier.
Playing the Allen TH300
Latin Medley on Roland Atelier
Muskrat Ramble
On the Korg PA3X
Angel in Blue
Latin Medley
Organis Chris Powell
Chris Powell
Logo, Web site link Chris Powell official web site

Chris Powell Cinema Organ Society page

Chris Powell MS Studios CD Page
Organ 1st page for Chris Powell
Chris Powell was born in Manchester in 1971. At the age of 2, his parents emigrated to live in Christchurch, New Zealand where he first became exposed to organ music as a pre-schooler at the Cathedral Boys Grammar School. A return to England in 1977 saw him further his musical activities both as a chorister and also with piano and subsequently electronic organ lessons. By the age of 16, he was already giving concerts as well as playing for dancing around East Lancashire and West Yorkshire. Living in North West England, it was not surprising that the family made an outing to the world famous Blackpool Tower. On hearing the Wurlitzer, Chris remarked to his parents that he would "play in here some day!" .... At the age of 18, he was successfully auditioned to join the team of organists there as a relief player during the winter of 1990.
During 91 Chris was invited to undertake work for the Farfisa Company of Italy and subsequently, he enjoyed working with the Orla range of products from Italy.
1994 saw an invitation to return to New Zealand to play a series of theatre and electronic organ concerts. The 4 week sell-out tour saw him performing to capacity crowds from Dunedin in the South right up to Auckland. Other destinations have included frequent visits to Germany and Holland as well as Italy and the United States.
In 2000, he was invited by the Roland Corporation to tour with one of their flagship Atelier organ products. The initial AT-80R has subsequently given way to various newer models leading up to the current AT-900C model which he tours with right around the country.

Extract from the Chris Powell Biography
Curt Prina 31st Aug 1928 - 18th May 2018
Curt Prina Facebook page
Playing Wersi
Wersi Spectra 1
Musikmesse 2002
Chanson D'amour.
Humoreske Piano
You Tube link iconFigaros Wedding
You Tube link iconJust the way you look tonight
You Tube link iconDie Moldau
You Tube link iconI wanna dance with somebody

20 minutes
at the Wersi organ
YouTube Channel link
Curt Prina organist
Curt Prina
Curt Prina Discogs page
Curt Prina was born on 31st August 1928 in Zurich.
At just 16 Curt became the youngest band leader in Switzerland
In 1946 he worked with the
Bob Huber
Bob Huber Orchestra
orchestra for 6 months. 1948, he joined the Fred Böhler sextet working as a pianist and arranger. In 1950 he formed his own jazz combo with Paul Linder, Hazy Maag, Goodi Schaaf and Walter Schrempp.
Until 1978 he was a member of the Hazy Osterwald Sextet, with whom he had many international performances.
Since 1978 Curt Prina has had a solo career as an organist performing in concerts around the world. In 1980 he undertook a tour with Jimmy Smith.
Extract and translation from the Curt Prina Wikipedia page
Curt Prina died 18th May 2018

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