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Fine Organist

Reginald Porter Brown

FINE ORGANIST Reginald Porter Brown, the 28 year old organ maestro, with over 200 organ broadcasts to his credit, is playing the Savoy Cinema, Portsmouth, this week.
He is introducing a new and spectacular type of screen play, which has been largely devised by the manager of the cinema, Mr. Bert Miller. This consists of superimposition on the screen of life-size figures, giving the appearance of television. It is employed to give added effect to the tunes which are played the organ. For instance, when Reginald Porter Brown plays Wish Me Good Luck the screen shows soldier and girl walking along side by side, shown up in relief.
Reginald Porter Brown, who is organist at the Forum Cinema, Southampton, from where often broadcasts, is making a special appearance at the Savoy to develop the potentialities of the scheme.
He is an agreeable personality, reserved, and without those tricks of showmanship which many in the entertainment world effect. His versatility at the keys of either a piano, church organ or cinema organ, is well-known, He is one of the few who have broadcast on all three instruments with equal facility and success.
Sir Henry Wood, who has a professed abhorrence of cinema organs, once paid tribute to Reginald Porter Brown praising his versatility, which, he said, he enjoyed.
Before the war broke out he received offers to go on tour in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
His career as a cinema organist began when he was 18 years old. At that time he had a rich background of classical music, having been church organist and choirmaster for some time. At the age of 11 he played the Messiah on a church organ and showed promise of that virtuosity which has since made him famous on the air and in the concert hall.
He makes regular appearances at concerts when, as a change from cinema music he plays Bach with equal ease and enjoyment. But on the whole, finds that modern music gives him the greatest satisfaction to play.

Portsmouth Evening News
Thursday 26 October 1939
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