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Your guide to some of the over 80 pages on this site

1946 Adverts Copies of Advertisements used Theatre Organ World
The Albert Hall Sheffield Full description of the organ and its installation
ArticlesIndex to articles
Behind Barbed Wire.Life as a prisoner of war. Vic Hammett
The Baroque OrganA somewhat robust critique of organ builders by Mr. Geraint Jones. With a measured response from Henry Willis and a later response from W.A.F. Brodie
Reginald Porter BrownArticle playing the Savoy Cinema, Portsmouth
Cinema FiresNewspaper reports on some of the fires that destroyed cinemas
Classical Organ Installations Directory of Cathedral and other important organs installed in the UK
Under construction
Compton DepartmentsThe Voices of the Rochford Compton
Compton Theatrone An Appreciation of by Lew Harris
Annie G. CunninghamPress report on the inquest of A. G. Cunningham, wife of George Dorington Cunningham
Unit and Extension Pipework as an Adjunct to the Straight Organ. Reginald H. Walker
Cone-pallet Sliderless Wind Chest The Design And Construction Of. Mr. A. E. Willey
Electronic OrgansDirectory of the most popular Electronic organs
Electric Actions, Past And Present. Mr. James I. Taylor
External Appearance of Small Organs. C. T. L. Harrison
General InterestLinks to sites that don't fit anywhere else
Hammond Chord Organ A technical description of how the instrument works by Richard H. Dorf
Hammond DirectorySome of the organs built by Hammond
Hammond Solovox A technical description of how the instrument works by Richard H. Dorf
India's Mightiest Organ , war model. Con Docherty
The Langham Theatre Organ Specification
Life as a Lady OrganistLouise Macdonald
Mechanical organs Links to sites featuring Mechanical organs
Mixtures And Mutations Mr. Henry Willis
The Minshall Organ How it works by Richard H. Dorf
Minshall OrganA history:- by Larry Minshall
The Moller organ. Reginald Foort
Military Band Organ with 9 keyboards. David Clegg
Mike Slater A Few Of His Organ Related Articles
Bety Mitchell Items from the press
Newspaper reports Fires in Cinemas with organs
Nick Olsen Extract from "A Story of Ryde Pier"
Organ Builders Directory of pipe organ builders in the UK
Organ Pipe Nicking Some Thoughts On The Theory And Practice Of. Mr. Robert Lamb
George Thomas PattmanA few press clipping featuring Mr. Pattman
Edgar PetoArticle on Edgar Peto leaving the Ambassador Cinema.
Playing In Germany Recollections of George Tootell
Pipe OrgansDirectory of predominantly Theatre Organ builders
Piston Action MachineHenry Willis
The Pitman ChestA. Thompson-Allen
Reed Organs links to sites featuring the Reed Organ
Stephen Robinson Report on his death
Rotary Blowing Mr. F. E, M, Ducker
The Public Likes Better Music. Cecil G. Bernstein
Fela SowandeStephen Bourne reviews his career
Stopped & Half Stopped Pipes Mr. Henry Willis
Theatre organs List of theatre organ installations in the UK,
The ThereminA technical description of how the instrument works by Richard H. Dorf
Why Do I Play In Music Hall Instead Of The Cinema. Harold Ramsay
Wurlitzer articles and advertisements publishe in The Bioscope in the 1920s
Wurlitzer Electric Reed Organ A technical description of how the instrument works by Richard H. Dorf
Wurlitzer Orgatron How it Works. Major S. J. Wright
YamahaDirectory of Yamaha Organs

Directory of Theatre Organists

A to CAbley to Curzon
D to GDalton to Gustard
H to LHaig to Lynn
M to PMacDonald to Powell
Q to ZQuin to Yates

Directory of Electronic Organists

A to CAkiyama to Crawford
D to GDalley to Grunill
H to LHarrild to Lowdell
M to PMadden to Prina
Q to ZRalston to Zehnpfennig

Directory of Hammond Organists

A to CArdy to Crawford
D to GDavis to Griffin
H to LHeaps to Layton
M to PMcGregor to Penazzi
Q to ZRamsay to Zeeland

Directory of Classical Organists

A to CAlain to Curley
D to GDawson to Guest
H to LHarbach to Lucas
M to PMajor to Pryer
Q to ZRiessen to Wright

Directory of Classical Organists of Yesteryear

Cathedral Organists
A to CAlcock - Cooke Complete
D to GDare - Gye Complete
H to LHall - Lyon Page under construction
M to PPage under construction
Q to ZPage under construction