The Thunderer

The Thunderer

This wonderful instrument served at St. Peter and St. Paul, Garrison Church Shoeburyness for many years.
The organ is believed to have been installed in 1875 and was possibly second hand when installed. The organ was built by Henry Jones and later maintained by both A. Hunter and Son and later by Hill, Norman and Beard

The church was due for demolition and a team decided to save the organ, for pictorial story of how the organ was saved click here.

Update 8th November 2016

On a cold November evening (4 Celsius actually)two scruffy men carefully entered a pitch black cramped garage, (we couldn't find the light switch and you would be careful if you risked a tonne of organ falling on you.)
By the light of a single torch they removed pipes and screws from the keyboard mechanism, by the time they had finished they were scruffier than when they went in, (Yes they really were) the torch battery was flat but their task was complete, next step install the electrical contacts so the old pneumatic system could be replaced by modern? electrics.
With no light and beginning to feel the nip in the air a nip of a different kind was called for, so off they toddled to the local pub for a well earned glass of shandy.



Following the emergency removal the organ has been housed in a barn for a number of years waiting for the Essex Organ Museum to become active.

The organ was taken out of storage in 2015 and then put back in a more orderly fashion than the original panic storage allowed time for.
During this operation some pictures were taken, to see larger versions of the pictures click here.