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Directory of Yamaha Organs

A look at Yamaha's Electone Organs of the 60s & 70s
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Yamaha D1
Yamaha D1 Yamaha D1
Yamaha D1
Electone museum page
The first Yamaha Electone electronic organ. Used Analog Technology
Extract from the Yamaha Museum web site
Yamaha C-2B
Yamaha C-2B Yamaha C-2B
Yamaha C-2B
Electone museum page
The Yamaha Electone C-2B Used Analog Technology
Extract from the Yamaha Museum web site
Yamaha EX-21
Yamaha EX-21 Yamaha EX-21
Yamaha EX-21
EX 21
Electone museum page
The first of Yamaha's ultra-modern stage instruments. The EX-21 was released only as a prototype.
The model number "EX-21" represented the phrase 'The Electone model for the 21st century.'
Extract from the Yamaha Museum web site
Yamaha EX-42
Demonstration - Miguel Kertsman
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Theme
There are such things - Hitoshi Toshi Asano
Alice Blue Gown - Hitoshi Toshi Asano
Baroque Moods
Hidemi Saito
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Yamaha Electone EX-42 Yamaha Electone EX-42
Yamaha Electone EX-42


2 61 Key Manuals
1 37-Key Solo Manual
25 Pedals w/Sustain
Portamento Strip
Preset & Toe Pistons
Vibrato & Reverb
Preset Board (Drawer)
Auto Rhythm
2-Speed Split Tremolo
2 - R-60B External Speakers
Reinforced Fiberglass Steel Construction
Source:- The Organ Blue Book

EX 42
Electone museum page
The Yamaha Electone EX-42 was the first of Yamaha's commercially available stage model instruments.
It included two R-60B external speakers and it featured a reinforced fibreglass steel construction.
This instrument was the first Electone to use Integrated Circuits (ICs).
Extract from the Yamaha Museum web site
Yamaha YC-45D
Yamaha YC-45D Organ
Yamaha YC-45D Yamaha YC-45D
Yamaha YC-45D
Electone museum page
A portable Electone meant for stage use as a combo organ.
Extract from the Yamaha Museum web site
Yamaha GX-1
shooting stars
Nationalsång - Benny Andersson (audio)
Yamaha GX-1 Yamaha GX-1
Yamaha GX-1
Electone museum page
Conceived for theaters and similar use, the Yamaha Electone GX-1 set the electronic keyboard industry on it's ear. The first polyphonic synthesizer instrument of it's kind, it bridged the gap between organ and synthesizer. The velocity sensitive keyboards allowed true expression of the voices, a concept never before imagined in electronic organs. The smaller solo keyboard was pressure sensitive.
GX-1 voices were "programmed" onto matchbox sized cartridges. Each cartridge had 26 screw-sized dials on them to change the VCO, VCF, VCA and envelope of the voice. 70 cartridges in total were loaded into racks that emerged from the top of the console.
The GX-1 model Electone was first released under GX-707. Rumour has it that when Yamaha realized that the instrument shared the designation of the Boeing 707 aircraft they change the model number to GX-1.
Extract from the Yamaha Museum web site
Yamaha E-70
Walk Through
Denny Hinman demonstration record
Yamaha Electone E70 Yamaha Electone E70
Yamaha Electone E70
Electone museum page
One of the first home based organs to feature Yamaha's PASS (Pulse Analog Synthesis System) in a console cabinet
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Yamaha FC/FE/FS/FX series
1983 - 1986
Japan Organ Players
Part 1 - Part 2
Len Rawle - Part 1
Len Rawle - Part 2
Axel F - Yamaha FX1 - Douglas Bielanski
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FX-1 Electone
Robert Antony.
20 minutes
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Yamaha Electone FX1 Yamaha Electone FX1
Yamaha Electone FX1
This range of Yamaha Electones featured FM (Frequency Modulation) tone generators and the FX series featured the Yamaha's first digitally sampled sounds for the onboard percussion/rhythm units. The F series Electones were the first to allow users to digitally save registrations via pistons and then save them to RAM packs or an external disk drive unit
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Yamaha HS/HX series

Yamaha HS-8

Tea For Two - Max Takano
Under The Sea + - ?
One Moment in Time - ?
I Will Follow Him - ?
Yamaha HS8 Yamaha HS8
Yamaha HS8
Electone museum page

Yamaha HX-1

Buddy Holly - Tony Stace
Phantom selection - Tony Stace
Tico Tico - Max Takano
Take Five - Max Takano

You Tube link iconReturn To Glen Brae
John Walker
You Tube link iconVila Vella
John Walker
You Tube link iconEvening Calm & Time Revisited
John Walker
You Tube link iconEleanor Waltz
John Walker
You Tube link iconHighland Thyme
John Walker
Yamaha HX1 Yamaha HX1
Yamaha HX1
Electone museum page
Yamaha Electones became more digital at this time. Yamaha used more integrated circuit technology to make components smaller, and hence allowed for a sleeker design.
The The Yamaha HX & HS series was the first to use AWM (Advance Wave Memory) "sampling" technology for both voices and rhythms, and also featured 16-operator FM voices. AWM Voice expansion is also possible via sound packs
The Yamaha HX was distributed in the form of many "mix and match" components, forming the HX-1, HX-3 and HX-5 models depending on which tone generator you used. The unit also featured a choice of three pedalboard units as well as spinet and console keyboards.

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EL 90
Love Confession
A Whiter Shade of Pale - Peter Hayward

Teddy Bears Picnic
Bryan Rodwell
Yamaha EL90 Yamaha EL90
Yamaha EL90
Electone museum page
The Yamaha EL90 included an attached Music Disk Recorder which enabled players to record their registrations and performances, thus eliminating the need for extensive programming before each performance.
The Yamaha EL series introduced new synthesizers, filtering, and expression technologies that made instrument voices on the Electone even more realistic. Voice technology continued to be based on AWM and FM technologies.
This range included EL 15, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 7, 70, 90 & 90I(white)
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Bach: Fugue in G Major - Gigue - Max Takano
Pomp & Circumstance - Max Takano
Ghostbusters - Max Takano
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence - Max Takano
Bad Romance - Doug Bielanski
Brazil - Doug Bielanski
You'll Never Walk Alone - Doug Bielanski
You Tube link iconBlue Danube
Max Takano
You Tube link iconAladdin Suite
Max Takano
You Tube link icon1941 March
Glyn Madden
You Tube link iconAt The Dance
Glyn Madden
Yamaha ELX-1 Yamaha ELX-1
Yamaha ELX-1
Electone museum page
Designed to be the ultimate Yamah Electone instrument for it's time, this model is available in white with sycamore wood inlayed console, or black with dark walnut inlay console.
The luxurious hardwood console panels were manufactured at the same plant that Lexus automotive hardwood panels were made.
This model was the first Electone to have assignable keyboard percussion, pannable rhythm instruments and per voice effects sections. It also was the first to have two separate solo voice sections.
AR series
Demonstration video
Theatreland - Peter Hayward
Demo - by Chris Magrath
Yamaha AR100 Yamaha AR100
Yamaha AR100
Electone museum page
Designed for the American and U.K. markets, the AR-100 seemed to have evolved more from the PSR series of instruments rather than EL series Electones. The rhythms and voicings correspond to the PSR series. Voices are all AWM, no FM.
One of the most outstanding feature of this instrument is the 384 built-in registration menus accessed from the large 320x240 dot LCD panel.
The AR also has an innovative drawbar section using sampled voices instead of generated ones. This allows the user to select from jazz (Hammond B-3), classical (pipe) and theater drawbar voicings.
Extract from the Yamaha Museum web site
Don Black Tribute - Janet Dowsett
Eleanora - Janet Dowsett
Wherever You Are - Janet Dowsett
Star Wars Medley - Max Takano
jazz - Max Takano
Gypsy- Lord of the Dance- Nessun Dorma - Ryan Edwards
Zampa - Ryan Edwards
Superman - Kim Vaz
Rolling In The Deep - Kim Vaz
Just The Way You Are - Kim Vaz
Yamaha EL900 Yamaha EL900
Yamaha EL900
Electone museum page
The first of the 100 series EL's, the EL-900 was the first to use Virtual Acoustic (VA) voices. It also added refinements and extensions to the feature set of the ELX-1
The Yamaha EL 900 was visually similar to the EL90 model from 1991, but with more voices, rhythms and effects.
The EL900 was not available in the UK.
The EL 900i was in white, This model was imported into the UK by Tony Back and caused quite a stir with owners of EL90s who didn't like the AR range.
In 2000 an upgrade was produced and the instrument was renamed the EL900M, the upgrade could be retrofitted to existing EL900 models.
The EL900 was the last Yamaha organ imported into the UK.
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Yamaha EL-100
How Deep Is Your Love - Darryl Waffy Paloay
And I Love Her - Darryl Waffy Paloay
Devil's Dance - Yofve Chandra
Moon River
Yamaha EL-100 Yamaha EL-100
Yamaha EL-100

Electone museum page
Replacing the Yamaha EL-17, the new entry level Yamaha EL-100instrument was an incredible buy.
It was the first entry-level Electone model to have a built-in MDR. This signified Yamaha's efforts to make superior Electone features available at a more attractive price point.
Extract from the Yamaha Museum web site
ELS-01X Stagea
Demonstration medley - ELS 01X 1
Demonstration - ELS-01C
Total Eclipse of the heart - ELS-01C
Yamaha Stagea ELS-01X Yamaha Stagea ELS-01X
Yamaha Stagea ELS-01X
Electone museum page
In 2004, Yamaha launched the Stagea series. This series uses all AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) voices and features over 180 digital effects, built-in registration menus, VA (Virtual Acoustic) voices, and a Style-File compatible expanded rhythm and accompaniment section. AWM is the proprietary sound sampling technology of Yamaha.
ELS-01: The standard model
ELS-01C: The custom model, carrying the ability to utilise the VA voices, Pitch and Tempo Bends, After touch on the pedal keyboard, horizontal touch and after pitch, along with other features, and lastly,
ELS-01X: The professional model - taking the ELS-01C, it adds 61-note keyboards, a 25-note pedal board and XLR external audio jacks.
The Stagea ELS-01 series was officially distributed only in Asian countries.
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Butterfly Lovers - Cindy Wan
Let it Be - Cindy Wan
Demonstration Movie - Nakagawa Mina
Yamaha Stagea ELB-01 Yamaha Stagea ELB-01
Yamaha Stagea ELB-01
In 2006, Yamaha added the ELB-01 model to the lineup. This is a students' model, with 245 AWM voices and 133 accompaniment rhythms, but without voice or rhythm editing capabilities
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Demonstration Movie
James Bond theme
Magnificent 7 - Marco Cerbella
Ghostbusters - Marco Cerbella
Hymn To The Fallen - Marco Cerbella
Orange Sunshine - Marco Cerbella
Yamaha Stagea D-Deck Yamaha Stagea D-Deck
Yamaha Stagea D-Deck
In 2008, Yamaha added The D-Deck (DDK-7 in some markets), which is the portable version of the ELS-01 with a more compact body, 61 keys on the lower keyboard and an optional pedalboard. The D-Deck comes with all the features of the ELS-01, with the additions also of Organ Flute voices and a second expression pedal.
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Type U
Yamaha Stagea Type U Yamaha Stagea Type U
Yamaha Stagea Type U
In 2009, the Stagea type U series was launched, with only hardware differences between them and their original counterparts. The type U version omitted the floppy drive UD-FD01 and the Smart-Media card slot.
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Stagea ELS-02
Circle of Life (Lion King) - Max Takano
Radetzky March - Max Takano
Tico Tico - Max Takano
Star Wars Medley - Max Takano
Yamaha Stagea ELS-02 Yamaha Stagea ELS-02
Yamaha Stagea ELS-02
In April 2014, Yamaha launched the STAGEA ELS-02 series. This series features Super Articulation voices, on top of over 900 AWM sounds, 96 VA voices, pedalboard polyphony, effects, and 566 accompaniment rhythms. The ELS-01, ELS-01C and ELS-01X can also be upgraded to the current series by the use of a "Vitalize" unit.
The Yamaha Stagea ELS-02 series currently has three models:
  • Yamaha ELS-02: The standard model, with 506 AWM voices including Super Articulation voices, 506 accompaniment rhythms, and hundreds of audio effects.
  • Yamaha ELS-02C: The custom model. Other than all the features of the ELS-02, it has an additional 60 AWM voices, VA voices, Organ Flutes voices (with digital drawbars), a second expression pedal, horizontal keyboard touch, and pedal board aftertouch.
  • Yamaha ELS-02X: The professional model, which contains all the features of the ELS-02C but with both keyboards expanded to 61 keys and the pedalboard expanded to 25 full pedals.

Unlike the first Yamaha Stagea series, the Yamaha Stagea ELS-02 series is distributed in both Asia and Mexico.

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Yamaha Stagea ELB-02
Harry Potter Theme - Michael Sun
For the first time in forever - Michael Sun
Yamaha Stagea ELB-02 Yamaha Stagea ELB-02
Yamaha Stagea ELB-02
In May 2016, the Yamaha ELB-02 model was launched as a revamp of the ELB-01 model with more voices and rhythms added as well as the "after touch" feature on the upper and lower keyboards.