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General Information
Pontins Memories
A musical slide show looking at the early days of the Organ Festivals
Part One
Part Two
Cambridge Academy
Playing and studying pipe organs in Cambridge Cambridge Academy of Organ Studies
Reginald Dixon & Robin Richmond
"LIVE"- Theatre Organist's Signature Tunes
Reginald Dixon at the console
American Theatre Organ Society Facebook logo
The American Theatre Organ Society (ATOS) is an international non-profit organization comprised of worldwide volunteer members who are committed to helping preserve and perpetuate the musical theatre pipe organ heritage. American Theatre Organ Society Web Site logo
Organ List 380 organs listed in Essex
Historic Organ Listing Scheme
PDF list of Church organs in Essex
Web Site logo
The Organ list
Theatre Organs Installed In Great Britain Web Site logo
The Theatre Organ
A brief history of theatre organs

Details on players, clubs, festivals and other organ related information
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Michael Young Essex Organ builder and restorer Organ Builder Michael Young image Web Site logo
Organist Encores Twitter Logo
Theatre organ based Podcast. updated with new recordings regularly. Podcast Organist Encores image
Popular Music on pipes
Classical Pipe Organ
We are the champions
Conquest of Paradise
Pirates of the Caribbean
Game of Thrones
Themes from Star Wars
Raiders March
Harry Potter
Java Jive
2nd Waltz
Zirkus Renz
Jazz on the Rockefeller Chapel Pipe Organ

Theatre Pipe Organ
The Dam Busters March
Stevie Wonder Medley
Institute of British Organ Building
The Institute of British Organ Building is the professional association for those involved in making, restoring, rebuilding and maintaining pipe organs in the UK. Web Site logo
Uniflex Relay Systems Facebook logo
Designs, sells, and supports a computerized control system which allows pipe organ owners to define and control the organ using state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled interfaces.
Uniflex video
Uniflex logo Web Site logo
Organists’ Review Facebook logo Twitter logo Google+ logo
The magazine of the Incorporated Association of Organists Organist Review Web logo
The Organ Wikipedia logo
The Organ is a quarterly magazine including articles on new and historic instruments worldwide, organists, composers, festivals and competitions. The Organ Web logo
Musical Opinion 1st Edition 8th October 1877
Every year since 1877, Musical Opinion has published articles of worth and interest to people involved with and interested in classical music. Musical Opinion Web logo
Organ & Keyboard Cavalcade
Established twenty six years ago, Organ & Keyboard Cavalcade aims to offer you maximum quality of content wrapped up in a value-for-money package. Cavalcade
Organist Encores Twitter Logo
Theatre organ based Podcast. updated with new recordings regularly. Podcast Organist Encores image
Orgelradio Facebook logo is a new initiative born in the Flemish part of Belgium and in the Netherlands. It delivers 24/7 organ music. OrgelRadio