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Selection from the Digital Archive Publications
The organ as musical medium
The modern organ : with illustrations, drawings, specifications by Ernest M Skinner
The story of organ music by C. F. Abdy (Charles Francis Abdy), 1855-1923
The technique and art of organ playing by Dickinson, Clarence, 1873-1969
Organ school by Jaak Nikolaas Lemmens, 1823-1881
Method for pipe organ by Clarence Eddy, 1851-1937
Organ construction by Hinton, J. W. (John William), 1849-1922
Practical organ-building by Dickson, W. E. (William Edward), 1823-1910
Standard organ building by Clarke, William Horatio, 1840
The influence of the organ in history by Buck, Dudley, 1839-1909
Organs and organ-building in New England by Lahee, Henry Charles, 1856-1953
First lessons in extemporizing on the organ by Macdougall, Hamilton Crawford, b. 1858
The Newberry Memorial Organ at Yale University : a study in the history of American organ building by Flint, Edward W
Modern organ tuning : the how and why? by Smith, Hermann, 1824-1910
The organ viewed from within : a practical handbook on the mechanism of the organ, with a chapter on tuning by Broadhouse, John
Organ playing : its technique and expression by Hull, A. Eaglefield (Arthur Eaglefield), 1876-1928
The organ and its masters by Lahee, Henry Charles, 1856-1953
Early English organ builders
Dictionary of 12,500 Italian, French, German, English of Musical Terms & Phrases
Organ school by Lemmens, Jaak Nikolaas
The Skinner organ by Ernest M. Skinner & Co
A primer of organ registration by Nevin, Gordon Balch
American Guild of Organists
European Chapter
Founded in 1979 they are proud to say that at present they have 132 members living throughout Europe
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American Theatre Organ Society
The American Theatre Organ Society (ATOS) is an international non-profit organization comprised of worldwide volunteer members who are committed to helping preserve and perpetuate the musical theatre pipe organ heritage.
The American Theatre Organ Society was originally known as the American Theatre Organ Enthusiasts. The organizational meeting was held on February 8, 1955 at the Hollywood residence of Dick Simonton.
The avowed purpose of the A.T.O.E. was set forth as follows:
"Organized for the purpose of preserving the tradition of the theatre organ and to further the understanding of this instrument and its music through the exchange of information."
American Theatre Organ Society
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The British Institute of Organ Studies
The British Institute of Organ Studies (BIOS) encourages and promotes the study of the pipe organ, including the history and design of the instrument and its music.
It owns the National Pipe Organ Register and is the listing body for historic organs.
380 organs listed in Essex
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Internet Archive pages dedicated to Vintage organs.
Large selection of magazines, brochures and organ related publications made available in digital format.
The items listed here do not fit with any other entry on other pages.
Fundamentals of Transistors
Basic Audio, Vol. 1
Basic Audio, Vol. 2
Hammond Clock Advertising Piece - 1930s
Tubes versus Transistors
Transistor Techniques
Basic Theory and Application of Electron Tubes
Theatre Organist's Secrets
The Bach Book Of Organ Music
Magnetic Amplifiers - Principles and Applications
Archive org logo John Phillips
Scanned collection of
Vintage Organ Publications
Cambridge Academy
Cambridge Academy
Facebook Page
Cambridge Academy
YouTube Channel
Playing and studying pipe organs in Cambridge
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Web site
Community Keyboards
Community Keyboards
Facebook page
Community Keyboards
Soundcloud channel
Community Keyboards
YouTube Channel
Radio show on Oldham Community Radio 99.7fm.
Interviews, music old and new on keyboards old and new.
Presented by Ian Wolstenholme.
The Console
The Console was a monthly publiction devoted to Theatre Organs.
Mark Herman has digitised his collection and made it available on his web site.
It has valuable information on all types of Cinema organs from around the world.
Essex Organists’ Association
A member of the Incorporated Association of Organists (IAO), the EOA aims to promote the organ through regular visits to a wide variety of instruments, many of which are of historical importance, performance classes, educational outreach and open forums.
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European Cities of Historical Organs
ECHO (European Cities of Historical Organs) was founded in 1997, following a proposal made by Andrea Marcon, by the cities of Alkmaar (Netherlands), Innsbruck (Austria), Lisbon (Portugal), Roskilde (Denmark), Treviso (Italy), Toulouse (France) and Zaragoza (Spain).
This union of cities both with historical organs and a festival or an international competition then decided to unite their efforts, share documentation on historical instruments, make common projects and exchanges, help students exchanges, and promote the construction of new instruments based on historical examples.
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One of the most entertaining video channels on YOUTUBE covering the golden years of cinema and theatre music.
Europe's oldest magazine on the Organ.
Het ORGEL is a magazine of Dutch origin.
The site contains English summaries of articles published in het ORGEL.
Every second month they add the newest summaries.
The site also contains a list of European festivals.
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Hot Pipes
A weekly half-hour of music composed prior to 1960
A bi-weekly one-hour podcast, with no music restrictions, with researched and informative commentary. This show features many rare and exclusive tracks, some from private recording sessions and public concerts.
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Incorporated Association of Organists
The IAO is a registered charity that provides information, support, education, and training for organists, choir trainers and organ enthusiasts.
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International Society for the Preservation of Historical Instruments

Facebook Page
Collect, restore and preserve historical keyboard and automatic musical instruments.
Work with schools, churches, other non-profit organizations and senior citizen facilities.
Working on the creation of an "in-person" and digital library; working (AND fully restored) instruments on display and playable as well as instruments used in free public concerts.
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ISPHI logo
PDF article on the Metallurgy of organ pipes
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Musforum is the online magazine for women organists, celebrating their accomplishments and wide-ranging interests.
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Musical Opinion 1st Edition 8th October 1877
Every year since 1877, Musical Opinion has published articles of worth and interest to people involved with and interested in classical music.
Musical Opinion
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Web site
Organ 1st
ORGAN1st Radio is presented by ex-BBC broadcaster Alan Ashton. The monthly sixty-minute Podcast features old and new recordings of theatre organs, electronic organs and keyboards and covers everything from Wersi to Wurlitzer and Hammond to Compton
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Organ Cases of the World
Photographs of organ cases from all over the world
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Organ Focus
The source for pipe organ music events, concerts and recitals worldwide.
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Organists’ Review
Review Facebook page
Organist Review
Twitter page
Organist Review
Google+ page
The magazine of the Incorporated Association of Organists
Organist Review
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web site
The Organ
The Organ is a quarterly magazine including articles on new and historic instruments worldwide, organists, composers, festivals and competitions.
Logo, Wikipedia web site The Organ Magazine
Wikipedia page

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Web site
Organ & Keyboard Cavalcade
Under new management since January 2020 it carries regular contributions from the top performers.
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Web Site
Organ list
Theatre Organs Installed In Great Britain
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Organ Recitals
Facebook Page
Diary of organ recitals in the UK
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The Organist Entertains
Web site dedicated to the history of the long running Radio Program

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Details on players, clubs, festivals and other organ related information
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Organist Encores
Organist Encores
Facebook page
Organist Encores
Twitter page
Theatre organ based Podcast. updated with new recordings regularly.
Institute of British Organ Building
Facebook Page
The Institute of British Organ Building is the professional association for those involved in making, restoring, rebuilding and maintaining pipe organs in the UK.
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Web Site
Theatre Organ
A brief history of theatre organs in London
Facebook Page
In the 1950s as more and more Movie Theatres closed their doors forever and many Theatre Pipe Organs which had been in defunct theatres were being scrapped for their metal, small groups of enthusiasts in the USA and the UK got together to try to preserve what they could of this great legacy. Some keen Theatre Organists and fans here in Australia felt that they must do likewise, as very few organs were left and they wanted to save all of them somehow! TOSA began as just such a group, centred around John Clancy who had bought the 2/13 Wurlitzer from the Civic Theatre in the Sydney suburb of Auburn in 1958 and was building a new house at Wentworthville Sydney, around this organ. In March 1960, on the strength of a featured article in the Sydney Morning Herald, TOSA held its first meeting at the Paling Concert Hall with the object of attracting members.
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Uniflex Relay Systems
Designs, sells, and supports a computerized control system which allows pipe organ owners to define and control the organ using state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled interfaces.

Uniflex video
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Pontins Memories
A musical slide show looking at the early days of the Organ Festivals

Part One
Part Two
Orgelradio is a new initiative born in the Flemish part of Belgium and in the Netherlands. It delivers 24/7 organ music.
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Peter G Lord
Sole UK Distributor for Ahlborn organs
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The Organ Club
The Organ Club exists to promote awareness and appreciation of the art and science of the organ, its players and its music.
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The Royal College of Organists
The Royal College of Organists has supported and represented organists and choral directors for more than 150 years.
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RSCM London
RSCM London
Facebook Page
RSCM London
Twitter Page
RSCM London is proud to represent the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM), an educational Christian charity which supports a world-wide network of 8,500 churches, schools and individuals.
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Web site
Star Organs of Britain
Our churches, chapels and concert halls are home to beautiful examples of the organ builder's art many of which go unrecorded because they lie off the beaten track or are otherwise inaccessible.
Star Organs of Britain aims to bring you these hidden gems in photography which captures not only the organs themselves but also the atmosphere of their surroundings.
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Theatre Organ Then & Now
A brief history of the theatre organ
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Web site
Theatre and Cinema organ A- Z List Facebook logo
Facebook group focused on the theatre organ
Yamaha Club
Bi-monthly glossy magazine & Web site for Yamaha enthusiasts compiled by top UK players and teachers
Music - software - news & views - workshops & tutorials
Enthusiasts Weekend event
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Web site